The Dart Tag Quick 16 Basic Nerf Review (Write Up)


The Quick 16 is a Dart Tag blaster that was released in Nerf’s 2011 Dart Tag line last Spring. With a 16 dart built in clip, comfortable aesthetics, solid ranges, and slam fire, why was this blaster not well received by the Nerf community? We’ll go over features, combat effectiveness, and find out why this blaster was ultimately a disappointment for many.

The Dart Tag Quick 16 was a blaster being sold for $24.99 at it’s time of release. At the time of release it was a very unique item, and it still is. It’s built in clip was the first since the N-Strike line was released, and the ability to accept suckers, whistlers, and dart tag darts, along with it’s option of reloading on the fly, make this a versatile blaster with great rate of fire. To fire and load a dart, just pull the handle back, push forward, and then full the trigger. This fires a dart. You can simply load darts my inserting them manually into the clip. This allows for certain advantages in battle, which I’ll do over later in the article. Versatile blasters always get higher scores on my blog, but this makes an exception.

The main made thing about this blaster is it’s high frequency of jamming. It’s jams often, and it jams hard. Darts are often not loaded all the way into the chamber, often times due to the foam getting caught on the plastic internals. I’ve had to rip and claw darts about of the chamber through the jam door, destroying them in the process. Common user tips such as pushing the handle all the way back and fourth or loading darts evenly work to a certain extent, and even then the jamming problems still arise. This issue is so prevalent amongst many users, which goes to show that Nerf engineers messed up with their design somewhere down the road. If you want to purchase this blaster, you must be aware of this problem. Now with this in mind, we’ll go on to the pros of this item.

This blaster got got a solid feel on it, and it looks fairly good. The “banana clip” gives it more personality. When holding the blaster up to fire, you’ll find that it has a nice balance and not too much weight. The sights aren’t really existent, but theres a notch at the front of the blaster to help you aim. Despite looking like it can take N-Strike stocks, it can not. However theres a ring at the bottom of the handle to help hold it with your holsters and slings.

Since the Quick 16 fires dart tag darts as it’s main ammo source, it often gets better ranges and straighter shots then most Streamline Clip System blasters. This is certainly an advantage in battle, allowing you to dictate more of the battle on your terms. Slam Fire is a very nice feature to have, helping you suppress your opponents in Nerf battles and allowing you to get quick tags in Dart Tag. It was only the 3rd Nerf blaster to feature slam fire.

The ability to too reload dart by dart is a mixed blessing. A clip system blaster is still able to swap out a a clip, possibly an 18 dart clip or higher capacity drum, and get right back into the fight. A Quick 16 user has to load up the clip dart by dart. However this can provide an advantage if there are breaks in the game action, as this happens often in Urban Combat and HvZ. Darts are easy to put in. Overall 16 darts is still a good amount of darts to have on your side, so in quick reload situations you shouldn’t be at too much of a disadvantage.

All in all, the blaster had great features for Nerf battles and Dart Tag, with it’s built in clip, slam fire, and ability to reload on the fly with 3 different kinds of darts. However it’s jamming problem is too prevalent and happens too often to make this an unreliable blaster. I’ve seen it on sale at Target for about $12 or 13 USD, but even then I can’t really recommend this blaster. When it’s working properly I would give it a 7.5/10, but it’s jamming problem makes me lower the score to a 6/10.


3 thoughts on “The Dart Tag Quick 16 Basic Nerf Review (Write Up)”

  1. It’s alright but I’d prefer the raider because it comes with a 35 dart drum which you can use as a shield. But other then that awesome 9.5/10 well written.


    1. Thanks for the comment Thomas! I agree with you, the Raider can hold a stock and take a variety of clip system clips, plus there are no jamming problems on it nearly as bad as the Quick 16’s.


  2. Nice write up! I got this blaster for 8 bucks on sale and clearance (great deal, no?), if it had been normal price, I wouldn’t buy it. It jammed alot the first few days I used it, but nowadays it’s fine. Although, I’ve noticed my range has decreased and whistlers tend to get stuck in the clip every now and then. Again, good review!


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