Introducing: BlasterPro

Feature video on the AUTO FIRE E5000

Featue video on the PUMP ACTION S2500

Check out the new line from the makers of Xploderz, BlasterPro! BlasterPro uses the same ammo soaking system as Xploderz, and also uses a clip/mag loading system. The only difference that the BlasterPro guns now have triggers! A feature that was very missed and lacking from the Xploderz line. The Pump Action S2500 retails for $29.99, and the Auto Fire E5000 retails for $49.99. The ranges constantly get up to 75-80 feet, and each blaster comes with a zombie target, a couple of thousand rounds of ammo, and instructions. Check out their site for more info, and get familiar.

They sent me the Pump Action S2500, so I’ll have a review on that in a day or two.


2 thoughts on “Introducing: BlasterPro”

  1. The blaster pro is more fun than the xploderz . The trigger is a nice touch . Pump and fire . You get better it will by more .


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