Toys R Us reveals Single & Double Blockade Shelters

The Double Blockade Shelter

These aren’t the newest product out there, being revealed in late December 2011 by Urban Taggers, but it looks like they’ve finally hit the states. On the Toys r Us site, the single blockade is retailing for $14.99. And the double blockade is $24.99. Seems like reasonable prices, but I think you can make cheaper ones with PVC pipe and some tarp.

Reveiws seemed to be a bit mixed, and it seems like it’s outdoor use only. So if you do plan on buying this, keep that in mind.

A product shot of the Single Blockade Shelter


5 thoughts on “Toys R Us reveals Single & Double Blockade Shelters”

      1. Probably another kid who thinks those stuntmen in Nerf commercials are actually part of some military group. I ran into a ton of those back when I frequented the Nerf facebook page. – “Can I join N-strike?” No, it’s a toy blaster line. You are not a toy blaster, so you can’t join. :facepalm:


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