The BlasterPro Pump Action S2500 Basic Nerf Review (Write Up)


The BlasterPro line is a new line by the creators of Xploder. The big differences between Xploderz and BlasterPro is the more realistic gun look, and finally the usage of triggers! If your not familiar with Xploderz, their line featured the usage of soaking and growing your ammo, and ranges higher then any stock Nerf blaster can hit.

This will be a bit different from my usual Nerf reviews. I’ll be going over blaster features, battle usage, user tips, and price talk. Hit the jump for all this and more! The BlasterPro Pump Action S2500 retails for $29.99 USD. Keep reading for the review.

The contents of the box

The Pump Action comes with quite a lot for $30. You get the blaster, an ammo clip (with ammo in it!), 2500 rounds of dry ammo, a zombie target for target practice, and the instruction manual. The ammmo count alone almost lets users invest a lot into the blaster with spending too much money for extra fun.

4 of the 5 ammo packets included, each pack contains 500 rounds of ammo.

The ammo is quite something unique. You soak your ammo for about 90 minutes, and it’ll absorb the moisture and grow. It doesn’t stain clothing, or surfaces. It’s also good for the soil, since it helps retain water. Their site FAQ actually mentions this. Just don’t eat or swallow it, or you may be on the way to the hospital. When preparing and firing the ammo, make sure that it’s moist and soaked for the appropriate amount of time. This helps with the velocity and feeding into the blaster. Store the ammo in a dry place when not in use. If you haven’t used your ammo for about 24 hours, just put some water in the container where the ammo is stored, shake it around to let it absorb it, and you’ll be good to go. My shots met the 75 foot mark and more when range testing.


A photo of the included zombie target
The Zombie Target included makes for some great target practice. It’s just asking to be shot at. Whats really cool about it is that when your shots hit and break against it, it leaves a red stain mark, which is very visible. However, it fades after a few minutes, and it also won’t get on your fingers or clothes when you touch it.

The ammo clip for the blaster

The ammo clips for the BlasterPro blaster hold’s about 150 shots. It’s interchangeable with other BlasterPro products as well, which is a plus in my book. To put it in the blaster, simply slide it on. To remove, slide it off. As of today, only the blasters and extra ammo are up for sale. If BlasterPro becomes popular enough, perhaps we’ll see sale of their ammo clips in the future. 150 rounds takes a decent amount of time to go through, and if you’ve soaked a lot, then you can simply reload when necessary. The top also seems a bit on the small side, so just be careful when putting new rounds in the clip, or else they may miss and spill everywhere. Still, as a Nerf user, are biggest capacity is only 40 shots in a single clip, so I can’t really complain too much.

The Pump Action S2500 itself

Finally, were on to the blaster itself and performance talk. It’s a little on the small side, a little less then two feet, and when your holding it, it kind of feels like that. It’s just a bit strange, since I think I was expecting something bigger sized, but it’s still comfortable to hold. To fire, you simply pull back on the handle to load a shot, push it forward, hold down on the safety button on the left side of the handle, and then pull the trigger to shoot. Without jams or misfeeds, you can get a solid rate of fire going.

The sample I got had some issues with misfeeding, which lead to nothing being fired sometimes or broken ammo coming out of the barrel. However I talked with one of the engineers, and he said that they have realized that problem and fixed it for future releases of the Pump Action S2000. So no worries about buying this product and having the problem. Even with the jams, I can fire through them and after a couple of shots they’ll start to feed properly.

Aiming “down the sights” is a bit hard, since the ammo clip kind of blocks your sight when trying to do so. It’s on the small side, which is good for indoors combat, although outdoors is recommended due the ammo. The rate of fire, while not the fastest out of the two models out, is still high enough that it’s something to watch out for when going against this thing. Overall, I’d give this an 7.5/10 due to it’s performance and value. It comes with a lot of stuff (over 2500 rounds of ammo, zombie target, blaster) for only $29.00. It’s fun to use, and even more fun for people who want paintball like action, but don’t want the mess or cost of it. Theres nothing thats super special about it, but it’s a nice introduction to their line.

Please be sure to wear eye safety when using this, as the velocity of the shots would hurt someone if it hit their eyes. This blaster is not a toy, it’s marketed to people ages 14 and up. Thanks to the Maya Group for sending me the product.

Check out for more info.
BlasterPro on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “The BlasterPro Pump Action S2500 Basic Nerf Review (Write Up)”

  1. You know, had paintball started as these types of blasters, I probably would have embraced it fairly quickly instead of avoided it. Case in point, I would have been able to afford it.

    I look forward to what their full-auto blaster will be like. I’m not too sure I’ll ever pick one of these up, but I am curious as to their operation and play-style.


  2. Gosh! Nerf will have some great competition, motivating them to lower prices, make blasters more powerful and stuff. If this becomes popular, they’re in trouble! ;)


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