Help California Airsoft & Nerf Players stop SB1315

Posted on the Nerf Facebook. A very similar bill was passed around last summer as well, called SB798. What this new bill and the bill last summer are basically saying is that the government would control the manufacturing of Airsoft in California. Also, imitation guns (aka Airsoft guns) would have to be painted bright colors.

This bill is based off an incident that occurred (can’t find a link at the moment) a couple of years ago. Cops were in a dark environment and some teens were acting shady. The cops tried to talk to them, but they ran off. One teen made a move towards his Airsoft gun, and the cop had to make a judgement call. The cop shot first, and it was later revealed that the teen only had an Airsoft gun. The bill is being passed to help protect officers in the field, but heres reasons why the bill isn’t too good.

– The above incident could have been avoided if the teens had just listened to the cops.
– Painting Airsoft guns the color of, say a toy gun, would make Airsoft less popular. Airsoft is what is used the most for military sims, and it’s most popular in Southern California.
– The bad guys could just paint their guns the color of the toy guns, and they would still be lethal.
– Federal controlled manufacturing would make lots of people lose their jobs.

NERF friends. Pay heed. This could affect those in California. Most people are upset that it will affect Airsoft. But if you read it, it covers TOY GUNS. Nerf could be covered by this bill. If you dont believe me read SB1315. Due to the clever all encompassing legalize, it lists TOY GUNS. Which could cover NERF.

SB1315 has passed the California Assembly and is now on the governor’s desk. There are only 8 more days for Governor Brown to sign the bill and pass it into law. WE HAVE NO TIME TO LOSE this could be signed anytime between now and the 24th SO DON’T WASTE A MOMENT AND CONTACT THE GOVERNOR NOW!
Please contact the California state governor and oppose to SB1315 today! Help us help you save Airsoft!

Have as many people as you know in CA call the governor’s office at (916) 445-284
1 (press 1 for English, then press 6 for a representative) and say: My name is _______, I am calling about SB1315 and I oppose it.

Also have them go to the governor’s website at: and fill in his/her name, email, choose SB1315 from the drop-down menu and press “submit”. This will take you to another page where you will select “CON” and write a message to the governor.

You can see the whole bill here.
Bullet points and basics here.

4 thoughts on “Help California Airsoft & Nerf Players stop SB1315”

  1. O-M-G. I hate that airsoft, bb, and pellet guns are considered ‘toys’. If I can shoot and kill a ground squirrel with my pellet gun, it is not a toy. If I can give my friend welts with my bb gun, it’s not a toy. If my airsoft gun can leave a red mark on bare skin, it’s not a toy. This is ridiculous, it just goes to show one of the many (but few) problems with the officials of this country. If the projectile being shot by said ‘toy’ gun can actually severly hurt someone or if the ‘toy’ leads to misunderstandings with law enforcement, then IT IS NOT A FRIGGIN TOY. Once this distinction is realized to the idiotic asshats in our government, then the more logically and efficiently can these problems with imitation firearms be dealt with properly. This shouldn’t pass for the reasons you stated above AND because people need to exercise common sense. The police are only trying to do their jobs, it’s not their fault or the government’s. We don’t need more laws, we need more guidelines and precautions to help ppl.


  2. Here in the UK a similar law was passed several years ago. It’s called the VCRA (Violent Crime Reduction Act) and the part of it that deals with the manufacture, import and sale of “replica guns” really is quite farcical.

    For example, any gun-shaped object that isn’t actually a functioning firearm is considered an “Imitation Firearm” under this legislation. It’s an offence to carry an “IF” in public, even if it’s a bright blue water gun. If you paint that toy black it then becomes a “Realistic Imitation Firearm” and you have committed a serious offence by “manufacturing” it (the process of painting it changes from IF to RIF and is therefore criminal). The law is so vague in fact that even a stick painted could be argued to be a RIF if the authorities chose to do so.

    Airsoft was most affected by this law, but if there were more adult Nerf wars over here you’d probably have heard more about it already. The irony is that while I cannot legally buy or import an airsoft pistol that is black, I can perfectly legally buy a black replica that uses CO2 to fire steel BBs. The reason for this is that metal BB firing pistol is actually classed as a firearm and is therefore exempt from this legislation!!! It’s still an offence for me to carry it in public, but any charges would be no harsher than if I were to carry a painted water pistol.

    Honestly, the foolishness and ill-considered acts of the officials who draft these laws is beyond belief. I can understand a requirement to have orange blaze tips for general public peace of mind, but these laws do nothing to reduce gun crime.

    I really hope that you all manage to avoid this draconian legislation, but my fear is that this battle has already been lost. Please do post and let us know the outcome of this – I wouldn’t have known about it if you hadn’t posted!


  3. some info is not correct because the bill last summer sb 798 did not pass and that s why sb 1315 is now being tried sb 798 tried a statewide rule and it was shot down so now the new one is just to include LA county.


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