Wired.com Nerf articles talks about history & engineering, reveals small details on 2 future Nerf blasters


Wired.com just published a great article on the history of Nerf, and it also talked about Nerf engineering. However, it also revealed the names and small details on two new Nerf blasters due out next Fall. (2013)

“It can take up to two years to develop a blaster, so right now, even as the members of the Nerf team are amping up for 9/9/12, they’re also working on new blasters for 9/9/13 and 9/9/14.Several models to be introduced next fall are nearly finished—namely the Strife, a semiautomatic pistol, and the Ruff Cut, which is only the third blaster ever that’s capable of shooting two darts at the same time. In the Nerf conference room, Jablonski picks up a supposedly functional prototype of the Ruff Cut made of white epoxy resin: “Let’s see if she works.” He points it straight up and fires a couple of darts into the 30-foot-high rafters. They touch down in another office somewhere. Jablonski calls this “the funnest thing” about his job. “Just randomly shooting. Sometimes you hear a landing. Sometimes you hear a scream.”

So all in all,

Strife – Semiautomatic pistol
Ruff Cutt – Able to fire two darts at once

The “Strife” doesn’t sound like it will need priming nor batteries to be able to fire it. And the “Ruff Cut” sounds like a vintage Nerf blaster name, with an interesting feature. Maybe it’ll be a new Barrel Break of some sort, or will it be a newly designed blaster? We are still a ways off from Fall 2013, but if any other news is out there on this, I’ll be sure to report it to you guys. What do you think of the news, would you buy these blasters based off features alone? Be sure to leave a comment so that we can talk about it.

Wired.com Article here


8 thoughts on “Wired.com Nerf articles talks about history & engineering, reveals small details on 2 future Nerf blasters”

  1. Not a big fan of the name ‘Ruff Cut’ but things tend to change during pre-production, so hopefully if it is an Elite Barrel Break, it’ll change (Juggernaught hint hint). I’m glad we’re gonna get another 2-dart blaster (exciting!). The Strife is hopefully Snapfire-style without the painful trigger pull. Maybe it’s a Rayven-style pistol like Recon sized? Still cool to hear, though. But I also think we need more Vortex…it’s fading out of view :(


  2. Hmmm… Ruff Cut. Sounds like something that happens when a hair stylist has a seizure during a session. Anyway, definitely sounds cool as a barrel break successor. I just hope that it wont be a toysrus exclusive. (another hint!!!)

    OH, and yes, I second the idea to call it the juggernaut!


    1. Hmm, that would probably have to take two clips at once, one on each side, but that would be interesting.

      Nerf the past half decade has been improving product quality in the little things, or by adding new features. I wonder what kind of improvements these blasters will bring?


  3. I would hope that Nerf will eventually make an elite longshot or deploy…,but I`m really excited to see more twin fire blasters!(I really hope it’s clip fed). It would totally awsome if it came with 2 drums pointing opposite directions for 75 darts!!!


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