Snapfire 8 & Elite Stockade not releasing in USA 2012, Elite Accessories Coming Soon



I’ve been wondering about a couple of things, so I fired off some emails to my Nerf connects. These are the questions I asked:

“1. The white and orange/red Vortex discs that came with the Pyragon are especially great for outdoor usage, since their colors make them stand out and help the user a lot in finding them. Do you know if Nerf has plans to sell those separately in stores?

2. The Dart Tag Snapfire 8 has been spotted overseas for a decent amount of time, but it still isn’t being sold in USA stores. Is it still coming out Fall 2012? Do you have a more specific date or month on it’s release?

3. The N-Strike Elite Stockade is only being sold overseas at the moment, with plans of it to be released at a later date. Is there any updated release date on this yet?

4. In a information booklet handed out in a Dart Tag event in Malaysia recently, a photo of the Elite Pinpoint Sight was spotted. Do you have any other information of it at this time?

My connect that said they would look more into the the Pyragon discs and Elite Pinpoint Sight. And the screenshots above are the basic answers to questions 2 & 3. The Snapfire 8 was an international release only for 2012, same with the Stockade. As for the N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest and Bandolier, their listings online seem to have them being released into stores in early October.

Elite Bandolier kit listing
Elite Tactical Vest listing


9 thoughts on “Snapfire 8 & Elite Stockade not releasing in USA 2012, Elite Accessories Coming Soon”

  1. The elite bandolier kit has been available in Canada since August at ToysRus and Walmart.
    The tactical vest just showed up on the ToysRus website this week. No sign of it at Walmart yet.
    Nerf is just a seasonal item at most other Canadian stores.

    I’m thinking about “painting” my green vortex discs to help increase visibility, but being able to buy bulk quantities of the Pyragon orange ones would be even better. Do you know if paint, nail polish, etc. cause any problems with flight, feed or deterioration of the plastic or foam?


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