Humans vs. Zombies San Francisco (Video)

Northern California already got a few games that go on (UC Davis, Napy Valley, San Jose, and theres more I’m sure) and the HvZ game heads down south little by little. Theres only about 4 or 5 schools, universities, or in a certain case a park that host HvZ, and I would like to see it grow more in Southern California.


2 thoughts on “Humans vs. Zombies San Francisco (Video)”

  1. Long swords appear to be very effective in this game. I didn’t see any in your Camarillo footage so I’m guessing they aren’t allowed there.

    Has anyone here ever heard of HvZ played with multiple factions of undead competing to get the most flesh?

    I envision a game called Humans Vampires and Zombies that could optionally include characters with special abilities like a vampire slayer or a Count Dracula character who can feed on zombies as well as the living.


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