The Buzz Bee/Airzone Panther (Photos)


Well heres my late pass, please excuse me. I finally managed to drag myself over to a Toys R Us and get the Airzone version of the Panther. In case you didn’t know, Airzone is a Toys R Us brand, in which they contracted Buzz Bee to construct blasters for them, thats probably why Buzz Bee and Airzone Toys look similar. It’s only $5 USD at Toys R Us as well.


The back of the box claims up to 45 feet, and there are several instances of people backing up that claim. It only takes 4 or 5 pumps to get this thing ready to fire. It looks a bit bland, but still a bit better then the Buzz Bee counterpart. Expect an initial reaction, firing test, and range test video sooner then later.




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