10/13/12 Tactical Edge Footage (Nerf War Video)

Highlights from the 10/13/12 Tactical Edge game

Austrian Nerf group Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag hosts a special indoor game called “Tactical Edge”. They get to use this building (which is usually a church) to play their games. The footage is quite enjoyable, they play Pistols, Capture the Flag, Fortress, Deathmatch, and more!

Below is more footage from the same day, abit it’s only one game’s blaster game footage, also from a GoPro. This one is uploaded by Youtube user VanquisherRX8.


One thought on “10/13/12 Tactical Edge Footage (Nerf War Video)”

  1. Actually, you can tell the second video includes several matches. You can see it cut out and back in a lot and several times you can tell it’s the start of a match (When the shooting hasn’t started yet and the floor isn’t littered with darts).


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