Hasbro Singapore announces Elite Pinpoint Sight promotion, a bit late


Hasbro Singapore took to their Facebook yesterday to announce a special promotion for their Elite Pinpoint Sight.

Great news Nerf Fans!
The Nerf Elite Pin Point Sight, for use with all Nerf Elite Blasters is now in Singapore! Get it FREE with a minimum $60 purchase of NERF Elite Blasters! Only available at Toys”R”Us, while stocks last! So hurry and get yours now!

However some of the comments say that when contacting Toys R Us, the offer ended about a month ago. I’m sure Hasbro Singapore will sort things out soon enough. In the meantime, what is that blue blaster on the right side of the photo?


5 thoughts on “Hasbro Singapore announces Elite Pinpoint Sight promotion, a bit late”

  1. coolpants don’t call me stupid, clearly you did not understand what I meant. On the strongarm, the tactical rail is no longer on the slide, it is now on the frame of the gun, how it should have been on the maverick. On this gun on the picture the tac rail is on the slide, just like the maverick. Which leaves me to believe it is a paintjob. Or the same thing as what is happening with the jolts. There is a blue elite coloured jolt and a triad. Mabye there will be an blue elite coloured maverick and a strongarm


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