Follow Up Interview with Collin Barret (Member of Dart Tag 2011 13-17 Champion Team)

Photo by From left to right, From left to right, Jon-Marc Hatton, Gideon Schow, Colin Barrett and Jake Wood.

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know that I interview Collin about a year ago. He ended up being on the winning team of the 2011 Dart Tag League Legit Northwest. I decided to do a small follow up interview with him a year later. We talk strategy, prize money, and memorable experiences among other things in this interview.

Basic Nerf: It’s been a little over a year since Legit Northwest’s victory last year. Looking back, whats the biggest and most vivid memory of the tournament?

Collin: For me the whole tournament was an experience I will never forget! If I had to recall one moment, it would have to be the final moments of the last game against the Furies. Just the thrill of knowing that we had won was the best feeling in the world.

The 2011 Nerf Dart Tag World Championship Recap Video

I’ve seen a press photo of your team all around the trophy holding Swarmfires, and the video Nerf uploaded also shows you guys using Swarmfires. How in the world did you guys all use Swarmfires to win it all? How did you and your team cover each other’s weaknesses with them?

Yes. Every match we ended up using the swarmfires. The rules was that you could use any number of any blaster meaning you could have 2 speedloads, and 2 quick 16s. In the end we discovered that the swarmfire would be the best choice because of the high capacity, great ROF (Rate of Fire), and (if your careful) conserve your ammo. The other teams really didn’t have an overall agreement on what blaster to use, for us it was a team choice that we enforced going into the quarter finals.

What are you and your team’s mentality coming into the games? Was it a “let’s try our best” attitude, or was it a sort of “we want to dominate everyone and kick their butt’s” Michael Jordan sort of attitude?

For our team, we had a very modest and quiet attitude. The only 2 teams we really talked to were The Commandos, who lost to the Furies in a count of points going into the quarter finals (by the way, the Furies were 2-2 going into the quarter finals, not undefeated. They lost to N.Y. Assassins, and Commandos before hand), and the Carter Cartel (who we were actually great friends with). This was hard for me personally because I have a very cocky and social attitude.

How did you guys celebrate afterwards?


So what exactly have you done with the prize money since then?

I have saved a lot of it for college. I bought an xbox, and a couple of other little things. Overall I tried to be conservative and save it for the future when I will need it more (I already have WAY too many Nerf guns).

Nerf has announced no USA Dart Tag League for 2012. When you heard it, how did you feel? If/when the next one is announced, do you plan on coming back?
I was heartbroken, not for me, but for my teammate Jon-Marc. This year Jon turned 17 which means next year he can’t play in the tournament. I was really looking forward to having 1 more year with 3 of the team members but sadly that won’t happen.

What do you think about the Vortex & N-Strike Elite line?

The Vortex line I find fun and something new, however, not very practical. I think that is fun to have all vortex wars where you can bounce the discs of walls and play catch with them, however, when it goes up against Dart Tag, N-Strike, and Elite… well it’s easily outmatched. As far as Elite goes, I love the idea and the concept, I just wish I could get my hands on them. I haven’t seen any of them in my local stores. As far as the idea goes, I love it!

Do you want to say anything to the viewers?

First off thank you so much for the interview! It’s been awesome working with you and an honor. Gideon and I have recently created a website for Legit Northwest: and would be stoked if you could check it out. Keep on Nerfing!


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