10/20/12 – A Night of Nerf (Photos & Video)

From left to right, Basic Nerf, Coop of Click Click Bamf, and the head organizers of the Norwalk Nerf League.

October 20, 2012 was a Saturday Night. I planned this indoor Nerf War for my friends, one of which would be leaving back to his home country of Australia in early November. We usually play in a park, but before he left we decided to spice it up a bit.I invited Coop from Click Click Bamf to come by for a bit, but he had to leave early. A couple of weeks before the event the head organizers of the Norwalk Nerf League contacted me. I ended up invited them and we had a total of 14 people play here. I got some testing in with the yet-to-be-released Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire 8s, my modded Stampede, and more Hail-Fire gameplay!


Game 1, Team Deathmatch, Snapfire 8 Rushing

Keep reading for more Nerf war footage and photos!

Game 2, Team Deathmatch, 3 Takedowns with the Snapfire 8

We take a break to watch some GoPro video

We called her lady Magstrike

Game 3, Team Deathmatch, Modded Stampede Testing

Game 4, Team Deathmatch, Raider vs. Pyragon Clip

Game 5, Team Deathmatch, Hail-Fire Gameplay & A Wild Chase

For the last game, we decided to mix it up a bit.



The Gladiator dressed up there needs 9 hits to take him out. If he touches you with his sword, your out. We split the remaining 12 people in teams of 4 each, and let the Gladiator run around and free for all.

Game 6 Pt. 1, 4 vs. 4 vs. 4 vs. A Gladiator

Game 6 Pt. 2, 4 vs. 4 vs. 4 vs. A Gladiator

After cleaning up, we tried our hands at sword fighting.

Couple of my friends even did some musical improv.

The Norwalk Nerf League group also collect World War 2 gear, heres what they brought with him.






All in all, we had a good time, got some exercise, and I even got more footage to share with you all.


5 thoughts on “10/20/12 – A Night of Nerf (Photos & Video)”

  1. Wait a minute…. did I just read that you have a “modded Stampede”? I thought mods were incompatible with your DNA ;)

    I mostly play with young kids so I’ve tried to keep my modding to a bare minimum. My stock Jolt and Alpha Trooper have better range than the Raider, Long Strike and various Air Zone blasters I’ve been up against so far. My Rampage (AR removed) is so much better than their stuff that it feels like cheating to use it.


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