11/10/12 Norwalk Nerf League Skirmish for Charity (Photos & Video)

Group shot after all the games

This past November 10, I headed over to Norwalk, donated some money to the Hurricane Sandy relief funds, and played some Nerf games. We raised about $30, which will all go to the Red Cross. Heres the video I got with my GoPro, and some of my favorite photos from the small amount we took during the game. Check out all the photos here.

Game 1 – 4 Team Free for All. I take the shorter ranges with my Stampede, and my friend takes the longer ranges with his modded Retaliator.

Game 2 – TDM – I get out a bit early, but my friend Chris with his Retaliator manages to take over for me and ends the game on a Hail-Fire rush.

Game 3 – TDM – I traded Chris for a new player, and I take a tumble early game which sends things downhill for the rest of my team. Keep reading for more!

The replica Riot Shield I used next game!

Game 4 – Juggernauts – Another player and I get to be Juggernauts against two other teams. Were immune to headshots, 6 hits take us out, and only a heavy ammo type can make us drop our shields. Shields certainly make interesting factors in games.

Photo during the Juggernaut game

Game 5 was a melee round, so I’ll save that video for another day.

A photo of the equipment area.

Overall, we had good time even though it was windy and cold. Glad we were able to help charity!


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