Camarillo, CA Winter 2012 Humans vs. Zombies (Dec 16 & 23 2012)

Camarillio, CA Humans vs. Zombies Winter 2012 Trailer, ALL footage shown is from the Summer 2012 Game.

5501 Mission Oaks Blvd
Camarillo, CA, US
(Searching up Mission Verde Park, Camarillo CA in Google Maps will also direct you to the right place.)

December 16 & 23 (Sundays) 2012

What to Bring:
Warm Clothing! It is in December, and weather forecasts are showing weather in the low 60s for that day.
Sunscreen is recommended.
A hat is also recommended.
Water, theres only a couple of water fountains.
Money for Lunch or your own lunch
Blasters (nothing to crazyily modded)
A good attitude

What NOT to bring:
Banned blasters from Nerf Wars
Common sense stuff thats way too powerful.

Hey guys, if you happen to be in Southern California, feel free to come to the Camarillo, Mission Oaks Park day long game. If you know anything about Southern California Humans vs. Zombies games, you’ll know that theres not a lot of colleges or schools that have them over here. Thats why I’m pushing hard for this game by inviting people I know as well as blogging about it.

Camarillo is about an hour and a half drive from Los Angeles. The drive is well worth it though. Some unique things about this game is that the mod team changes every year. Each mod brings a different outlook on game missions and objectives, which makes for a truly unique experience each game. Game time is usually from 10 am to 4 pm with a lunch break around noon.

There is no starve out period, and stun timers are shorter to make up for the day long game.

The park has two decent sized fields on it, but the major terrain perk is that theres a two or three mile long winding creek that is great for missions and surprise attacks.

Only 1 safe zone.

An additional, smaller park two blocks away that is also sometimes used for missions.

Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies is back for Winter 2012! I’m actually the head organizer this time around, and I’m bring some new ideas to the table, including things like zombie missions, zombie buffs and rewards, and prizes to be handed out at the end of the game! This past game had 70 people attend, the second biggest game in Camarillo history. If your visiting and in the LA County area, why not come over to play some HvZ? If your thinking about going, we would love to have you!

Feel free to leave any questions here or on the facebook event page.

HvZ Wiki Link:

Event Link:

Music Video Recap of the Summer 2011 Game

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