N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2×4 already for sale in Malaysia, shows Slamfire and Internal Photos

According to a video and photos hitting the net recently, the N-Strike Elite Ruff Cut is being sold in already for the price of 80.90 (malaysian ringgit). Does this mean we’ll also get it in the USA soon? I sure hope so.

In the video above, they also show that the blaster comes with Slam Fire! However it just seems like the darts tumble out of the blaster, and the angle on it isn’t good. So we’ll just have to see if they put up more video.

Facebook user Ci Kaj Id S put up more photos of a Ruff Cut that he got.

If you check the photo of the manual above, it shows that the Ruff Cut has a single shot, double shot, and slam fire firing modes!

and Facebook user Phang Kuok Sing has uploaded two shots of the Ruff Cut internals.

Thanks to SG Nerf for gathering the info!


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