Nerf N-Strike Elite Rayven posted for Sale on Toys R Us for $39.99

N-Strike Elite Rayven CS-18 blaster

People from around the USA have been confirming sightings of the new N-Strike Elite Rayven in Toys R Us. I haven’t really heard any price talk, so I guess it would be safe to confirm that the suggested retail price for this is $34.99 USD? But $40 for a Rayven seems a bit pricey overall, so if you want it cheaper is a discount of some sort or just wait until it comes out somewhere else.

Whatever the case, you can buy it here from their site. Don’t forget the 4 double a (AA) batteries you need to power the blaster, and the 3 more you need if you want to use the magazine light.


11 thoughts on “Nerf N-Strike Elite Rayven posted for Sale on Toys R Us for $39.99”

  1. Looks more like a slip up or placeholder to me, since there is no picture or item description. The only way you’d know it was the Rayven is the item code.


      1. Ordered on so we shall see, However I called my toys r us and gave the the item number and on there computers it comes up as the nerf elite rayven. So I dont think its a miss print. The Price point is correct as well.


  2. Toys R’ Us seems to have jacked their prices up way higher than normal following Black Friday. You should see their price for the Retaliator…

    I’m sure it will drop in price come the beginning of next year.


    1. I went by to check them out, and holy cow are they high. Retaliator for $40 USD, Deploy for $30 lol, and other stuff that looked just way too dang high.

      I guess Toys R Us is just trying to take advantage of the holidays, their bigger inventory, and the hot Nerf items. I did two or three people a favor and directed them to Target where they sell normal priced Nerf stuff.


  3. This is weird I was thinking, the Stryfe is just a Rayven with less ammo and a stock conectine point, a Fire-Strike is just a Slow Triad EX-3 with a stuped red light. What is NERF doing!?


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