AFON – Nerf Vortex Diatron First Look (Video)

AFON got their hands on the Vortex Diatron, and boy, when the product description said it used a lever, it really uses a lever. He also shows how it fires (2 discs from one barrel!) and also shows the magazine loading system. Which is very similar to the Vigilon.


10 thoughts on “AFON – Nerf Vortex Diatron First Look (Video)”

  1. nerf comes up with some of the weirdest stuff with the vortex line always leaving me wondering how the damn thing works. is the lever basically taking the same torsion spring idea but putting it in sideways. I was able to tell very well but it has a shovel like arm on the side that throws the disks?


    1. You gotta hand it to the Vortex designers in that regard. Between the XLR discs, the torsion spring, that 40 round drum, and now this rather odd firing mechanism, these guys seem to know how to make physics and engineering work for them. Vortex might get a lot of flak from people, but you can’t help but admire the ingenuity and radical ideas behind the concept.


    1. No it’s not, Discs fly in a curve usually, so they can miss easily with two discs you double your chances of a hit.
      Ever heard of this thing called a shotgun?


  2. Like a Spartan NCS-12 of Vortex! kinda :P
    Nerf, Make an Elite Stampede ECS, and make it more like the Spartan NCS-18. Multi-Dart Awsomness!!!!!!!!


  3. Picked up a Diatron today. Initial review

    I was torn between this and the strongarm cause my wife said I could only buy 1 more gun. Since the strong arm is a maverick redo I figured I would see what they were planning for the vortex line. When I got home and opened the box my first thought was its a big gun. It’s very bulky for a side arm. It’s basically a vigilon but not as handy and bigger. It hold 10 discs but only comes with 8. It shoots 2 at once which is cool and kind of functional for HVZ but with all disk they curve and the are not real accurate. Plus it will only fire if there are 2 disc.

    This gun sucks if your left handed. It’s got a priming arm on the left side of the gun and my biggest fear is that it will break after regular use. It had the feel of the barrel break which is the only nerf gun that toys r us offers a warranty on. It’s big and bulky. The bottom front of the gun has no functional purpose. It’s just extra plastic. The grip is big enough for big handed people which is often a problem with nerf guns cause they are made for kids. It’s also very wide.

    It has a option for a stock even though there aren’t currently any vortex stocks with a matching color scheme so perhaps foreshadowing what is to come. The only other down fall is the lack of any sort of sling clip. So if the do make a stock or you put one on you have no front attachment point.
    Over all I’m not a fan and would recommend you buy something else. It doesn’t add anything new like the elite series range and the 2 disk are just okay.


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