Former Nerf Child Actor reveals Modded blaster usage in 90s Commercials

The extended version of the Arrowstorm commercial featuring Devon Sawa.

Devon Sawa, pictured in the above Nerf commercial, recently revealed some interesting info about the Nerf commercials he used to be in an interview with AV Club. Devon Sawa also had roles in Final Destination and the music video for Eminem’s Stan.

AVC: When you were the Nerf spokesperson, did you get free Nerf toys?
DS: I got boxes and boxes and boxes. And here’s the thing: These weren’t just regular Nerf guns. The prop guys and the special-effects guys would put bigger springs in them. They were these hyped-up Nerf toys for the commercials. I hope I’m not going to get in trouble for saying that. But they were altered to shoot farther and harder, and I would come home with boxes of them. Boxes of footballs, boxes of these Nerf guns. I was the cool kid on the block. We’d actually have Nerf battles in the old neighborhood that looked like the commercials, with all the kids flying around shooting guns. It was pretty epic.

Personally, I don’t think this is too much of a big deal. First, we have to realize that the product and commercial came out almost two decades ago. The 90s were a very different time. Technology as a whole was not up to par as it is now. I’m assuming that they used stronger springs to make the blasters fire faster and farther, which in turn would cut down the work on post editing.

Also, who know’s who was calling the higher up shots then? I’m assuming they could have had a different CEO in the 90s then they do now. Some of the company is probably run by different people now in 2012. Although I’m not sure as to why they gave Devon the modded toys, probably the only part that I might questionable about.

Whatever, what do you think about this piece of news? Thanks to My Last Dart for sending me the article. Click here to watch the extended, but lower quality version of the commercial.


8 thoughts on “Former Nerf Child Actor reveals Modded blaster usage in 90s Commercials”

  1. He probably got them because this was still during a time when the legal ramifications behind more powerful blasters were still in the air. Besides, these things probably had major reliability issues. They were made of weaker plastics, they had lower accuracy, they used different ammo. This was also just five years after Entertech introduced the Uzi and AK-47 water pistols. There was less to worry about legally.

    Honestly, I think this is pretty cool article, overall.


    1. Awesome! I talked to a friend who was into Nerf in the 90s as well, and he said he never felt like he got cheated on on the Arrowstorm, it was, and still is, one of his favorite blasters of all time.


  2. hey Jason great you covered this, appreciate a credit for giving you a heads up on it tho! (that sucks a bit).

    On topic tho. Honestly? I think we all honestly mod blasters in some way or another, internally us Kidults started it all (what kid would ever dream of cracking open a internally mechanic toy? Except the mad scientists amonst us!).

    Nowadays its a different story with the Elite range, but the N-Strike stuff I dont think anyone minds. The arrowstorm was an Awesome product, and as TPoC said “I never felt undergunned with a stock arrowstorm. Even today I wouldn’t, since an arrow hit is a 1 hit kill, and that is in slam mode baby!”


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