Norwalk Regional Nerf League 12/8/12 Birthday Celebration Nerf War Videos

On December 8, 2012 I once again headed out to Norwalk for a late birthday celebration of one of the head organizers birthdays. It was my Check out the Norwalk Regional Nerf League on Facebook! I pretty much used the Stryfe at 8.4 volts to get a hang of it and see how it does in combat. I would have ran it at stock voltage, but since we played outdoors a bit more range is needed.

Nerf War TDM – 2 Headshots and 8.4v Stryfe Gameplay (Game 1)
Check out the custom cover we had up during the game!

Nerf War TDM – Arrow Launching & Tower Defense (Stryfe 8.4v) (Game 2)
I get out early due to getting hit by an arrow (special ammo type) but I still manage to take out a guy. Also my last two other teammates try to set up shop later in the playground equipment.

Game 2 of the day’s games.

Nerf War Speed CTF – Position taking & Team Supporting (Stryfe 8.4v) (Game 3)
Speed CTF is a variant of CTF. Rounds are 3 minutes long. People are eliminated and out after 2 hits. Rounds are won by eliminating the opposing team and/or capturing their flag. Each flag capture is a point for your team. First team to 3 points win. After each flag capture, there is a two minute period in which teams gather ammo, then the game is back on.

After 3 rounds, if the score is tied, the first team to score wins the rounds.

Nerf War Speed CTF – Game Coaching & Stryfe 12.6v Problems (Game 4)
I decided to up my voltage to 12.6v (aka 3 Trustfires) but run into some problems with the left in resistors shutting down the blaster. Game 4 of about 7 games that we played during the day.

Nerf War Protect The VIP – A Strange Game (Game 5)
We had to protect the birthday boy while at the same time eliminating the other team. The VIP had 4 hits on him before he was taken out. Every other players needed 3 hits to be taken out. The VIP team needed to take out the attackers, while the attacking team needed to take out just the VIP.

Game 5 of the 7 games we played.

Humans vs. Zombies Mini Game 1 – Paranoia is Everywhere (Game 6)
First of two mini Humans vs. Zombies games we played that day. Game 6 of 7 total game sessions we had that day.

The Norwalk Regional Nerf League smaller, quicker version of Humans vs. Zombies has some special rules. You start off with a small number of buffed zombies. It takes 3 hits to stun them, and the respawn time is a couple of minutes at a certain respawn point.

Humans are allowed only 1 blaster, with 18 shots max on you. You can pick up ammo off the ground. See how long you can survive!

At the start of the game everyone random selects what side your on. Theres also an “infected”‘ side, basically like a hidden zombie. When the game mods say to reveal yourself, they must reveal themselves. They can also sneak attack and tag a human, but then they must play as a zombie.

Humans vs. Zombies Mini Game 2 – Never Trust A Bandit (Game 7)
The game started slow, but snowballed kinda quick. I couldn’t do as much camera zooming and show as much footage since it was so dark. Feel free to ask any questions if you have any.


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