Nerf Dart Tag to Come Back Big in 2013? (Rumor)

I literally don’t have any sources or sites to confirm this. My source was of the type of “he said she said” type of the deal. However the person I talked to managed to get this rumor through seemingly solid circumstances in the situations they described. Nerf Dart Tag is coming back in a, I would say big way. There will also be some new, but familiar aspects to it.

The source I also talked to said that we would be getting 4 new blasters for this line, which I also have solid descriptions of. However, please just remember that this is all just a rumor for now. If this comes true, this will be a sort of reference post, and perhaps I’ll be able to reveal more information on this IF it is indeed true or even teased.
For now, look out for the London Toy Fair Feb 22-24! Perhaps we’ll get some new Nerf info then.


5 thoughts on “Nerf Dart Tag to Come Back Big in 2013? (Rumor)”

  1. I think it would be good for them to revisit this range and give it some much needed love – and accessories!

    I spoke to the company who secured a license agreement with Hasbro – Paragon Entertainment, who are opening up further official UK Nerf stores (Westfields Merry Hill Shopping Centre, Birmingham) under the banner of ‘Quest’,

    It makes sense since they will be opening official arenas for store vs store with an end goal for National tournaments.


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