Baidu Dart Tag Stinger Photo

66443_491101940932289_1260712617_n (1)

A new photo found on Baidu by Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag. This thing still looks like a funky blaster to me. And are those two dart holders at the top? I can’t really tell in the photo.

Also I sent an email to my PR contacts asking about this blaster and the Elite Alpha Trooper, but I probably won’t get a response until after MLK day.


5 thoughts on “Baidu Dart Tag Stinger Photo”

  1. That is the same picture that is already on the Argos site. And yeah, it is one weird looking blaster, and most likely just a reshell of the Jolt. If those are dart holders, then where is the barrel? It can’t be at the top where it appears to be.


    1. Dang, I’ve only visited that Argos site two or three times and I guessed I missed this image. Thanks for taking the time to crop and upload it though, and sorry Baidu took it from you.


  2. I was told by Hasbro UK to expect “everything new” – we need the help of all our mod community on this one – hopefully I will uncover the real workings at todays Toy Fair show in London!


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