Dual Cameras – A Small Preview for my 2013 Nerf War videos

If you’ve ever seen any of my GoPro Nerf videos, I recently got another one and decided to do the dual camera view. If you enjoy my videos, do you think you would enjoy this second view?

I’ll probably end up moving the second camera view from the top right to the top left. Also, I think I set the camera too close to my face. If I grab the barrel, it covers a decent amount of the view, and if I move the camera back you’ll be able to see more, so with that in mind it’ll be moved back in later videos.

But I’m not sure how much I’ll even show the second camera view. I’m not sure if I want to show the gun cam video in segments or special pieces, or just leave it running the whole game.
What do you think? Any of your input would be great!

4 thoughts on “Dual Cameras – A Small Preview for my 2013 Nerf War videos”

  1. I love the idea, I think its hilarious to see your face as you play :) You should look into a fps-shooter score card display in your face-cam. Add a life counter also, kinda Doom style :) Keep it up man :)


    1. I’ll look into including a hit counter on me at the very least. I think now with the dual camera set ups and the way I play, it can be very easy to the viewer to lose track of how many hits I have on me.

      As for a sort of score card, I don’t want to start encouraging a sort of competitive environment in other peoples games when they play. At the end of the game the 3 things I usually worry about are, did my team win, how long did I live, and did I have fun?

      I don’t want others or myself to worry about a sort of K/D ratio in Nerf games.


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