Spynet Secret Sleeve Shooter spotted at Target (Photo)

Thanks a lot to Buffdady for spotting this. According to him, it’s the first time he’s heard of it, and he couldn’t find anything on it on the internet. He says the price for it is $19.99.


We can’t tell if it fires both darts at once, or if it can just do one at a time. It based on a previous wrist blaster design by Spynet, it should be direct push, even though it only gets 20 feet. It should be a fun blaster to use, with some usage for HvZ and assassins.



9 thoughts on “Spynet Secret Sleeve Shooter spotted at Target (Photo)”

  1. A buddy of mine bought one of these. They are symetrical. With individual triggers. Theyre sling released, ie you have to flick your wrist to extend em. The darts are solid, rigid, but covered in foam. You HAVE to use the included darts because the dart base is part of the mechanism. Any other questions, please feel free ask.


      1. For what its intended, its great. Itd be an awesome last ditch sleve gun. As a primary, secondary, or even backup, no. Npw to back up the backup…

        Its dorect fire, and the darts ar balanced wrong so they sorta tumble. The suckerart is pointless since they wont hit head on from more than 5 feet or so. However, given all that theyre still fairly accurate, and could probably be modded for full spring deployment instead of assisted.

        Basically, its a solid bit of kit as a sleve gun, or a gimicky signature. Now if youre playing an assassin scenario, its even better…


      2. Yea, you have to use the darts supplied. They’re part of the firing mechanism as well as the cocking mechanism. You also only get 4. Might be possible to get extras from the manufacturer, but I wouldnt count on it.


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