The Electric Gun “Lightning”, Nerf Rayven knockoff (Photos)

The Electric Gun “Lightning”

Haha wow, this has gotta be one of the closet knockoffs to a products that I’ve ever seen. I spotted it on Taobao. I wonder if the motors are stronger then the Rayven’s?


How ever you more accessories with it then the normal Rayven. You can 20 darts, which are 10 Streamline looking darts, and 10 suction darts. The mag can only hold 12 darts, but it takes either of the kind of dart that came with it. The barrel attachment is a fun add on, and looks to be shorter then most N-Strike & N-Strike Elite barrel attachments. It also comes with sling, which is super handy when holding this blaster.

Theres no Firefly tech on the mag, but the logo they have on theres is awfully close to Nerf’s Firefly Tech logo. Once again, for more photos click here.

11 thoughts on “The Electric Gun “Lightning”, Nerf Rayven knockoff (Photos)”

  1. I believe this is a knock-off by the company SDL. This looks very much like the blaster. The SDL knock-offs are much better internals. The motors and gears are better put together. In the blasters that have AR/pump tubes – are much better also. They have tighter seals and springs. They manage to run off a batch then get shut down for copyright. Note the tac rails – they have filed them down – if there are enough cosmetic changes, then copyright cannot be impressed on them. Problem is – that they for some reason do not change the inside Hasbro mould printing! Weird right?


    1. MyLastDart, you say “The SDL knock-offs are much better internals. The motors and gears are better put together.” Do you mean better than Nerf Rayven internals, or better than other knock-offs?


  2. See the company ZECONG also for knock-offs – theyre even worse man. They basically ripped N-Strike to Elites completely. (I reported them to Hasbro Legal who are pursuing action as we speak)


  3. I think they used the EXACT same shell as the Nerf Rayven CS-18

    Of course some other dude found this out but my names BANNANAS!!! so give me a break.


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