New Super Soaker 2013 Line Spotted at Target (Photos)

Earlier this week while making a camera inspired trip to Target, I was a bit surprised to see the new 2013 Super Soaker line in stores. I was also surprised since it’s still Winter in the USA, and Hasbro/Nerf usually releases their Super Soaker line in the Spring. Whatever the case, I got around to taking pictures and getting prices for the new Super Soaker stuff they had there. Products Descriptions are from the Nerf site.

February 6, 2013 EDIT: Spotted a new Nerf product going for $19.99 called the Electrostorm Showdown.




Choose your spray pattern and soak your competition 4 different ways with the SWITCH SHOT water blaster! Want to send 3 streams of water at them from up to 25 feet away? Launch an atomized mist attack? Or just massively soak them? Just twist the knob on this versatile blaster to choose Scattershot, Triple Shot, Atomizer or Jetstream mode and then pump to soak away! The SWITCH SHOT blaster holds up to 20 fluid ounces of water in the banana clip; you can attach extra Banana Clips (extra clips sold separately) to your pants or belt so you never run out of ammo. Enhance your blasting accuracy with the detachable stock. Choose your attack and launch the extreme soakage with the SWITCH SHOT blaster!

Blaster comes with detachable stock and banana clip.


The instructions on the bottom of the Switch Shot box

Keep reading the posts for even more photos and info


Drench your target with a major power-soaking from up to 25 feet away with the SHOTWAVE blaster! This compact blaster is the perfect addition to your water-firing arsenal. Just fill the 10-ounce quick-reload water clip and sneak up on your target, then pump and fire a blast of water! The water clip attaches to your belt, and you can attach as many of them as you can (comes with 1 clip; additional water clips sold separately) so you’re fully loaded and ready to soak! Reload fast and go for the drench with the SHOTWAVE blaster!

Includes blaster and water clip.



Defeat the heat with the freezing blasts of the ARCTIC SHOCK soaker! This powerful soaker lets you freeze your friends with icy blasts of water! The ARCTIC SHOCK soaker’s Ice Drum has a large 25-fluid-ounce capacity and you can fill it with ice for a super-chilled soak. Fill the drum and pump for a freezing blast of water at targets up to 30 feet away! The Ice Drum works with other Clip System SUPER SOAKER blasters (sold separately) and SUPER SOAKER Water Clips work with the ARCTIC SHOCK soaker. Fill additional Water Clips (sold separately) and use them to refill fast. Put the competition on ice with the ARCTIC SHOCK soaker!

Includes ARCTIC SHOCK soaker and Ice Drum.


The Super Soaker Scatter Blast



The only thing better than a massive soaking is a sneak attack! This compact FLASH BLAST water blaster only holds 3.7 fluid ounces of water, but its one-pump design and slam-fire slide make it easy to drench your opponents when they least expect it from up to 25 feet away! Hold down the trigger and pump for nonstop soakage for as long as the water holds out. Then reload fast for more stealth attacks! Will anyone see your water assault coming? It’s time to find out!

Includes blaster.



Incapacitate your target with a powersoaking from up to 20 feet away! Just fill the tank, pump and fire! Get ready for a real “blast” with this sleek, super-stealth addition to your arsenal.
Comes with blaster.



Major drenching firepower will be yours with the Banana Clip Refill! This large-capacity refill works with your Clip System SUPER SOAKER blaster to upgrade your water capacity from soaking to big-time soaking. Clip as many refills as you need (additional refills sold separately) to your belt or your pants with the handy belt clip. At 20 ounces a piece, the more refills you carry, the more soaking you’ll be able to do!

Includes refill.



Give yourself the edge in the battle to soak with this awesome DOMINATION DRUM water clip! Fill this high-capacity water clip with 37 fluid ounces of water and attach it to any Clip System SUPER SOAKER blaster (sold separately). You’ll be fully armed and ready to outflood all your friends with the DOMINATION DRUM water clip!

Includes water clip.


The Super Soaker section with the items. The only item I didn’t spot was The Hydro Pack.

Photo of the Water Warriors stuff, wasn’t sure if anything was new here.

13 thoughts on “New Super Soaker 2013 Line Spotted at Target (Photos)”

    1. I’ve seen them in Ohio. Picked up a flash blast. Very fun, even if not very combat effective as a “soaker”. Does fit comfortable holstered in a pocket. potential for a dart conversion also.


    2. Follow up – I saw my fellow team members on Monday moving all the clearance to make room for all these items.

      Maybe we can keep gathering data to see how long it takes to get from west to east coast.


  1. Holy balls, some of those prices. 19.99$ for an Arctic Shock!? That one would be sold in my country for 40€! I feel so flippin’ ripped off!!!


  2. I would like to see of the stock on the switch shot is the same as the other stock, the only difference i can see is it doesn’t have the lighting piece on it.


    1. I got the switch shot the other day. It’s the same length as the raider stock and feels hella sturdy. Only think I don’t like about the stock is the glaring super soaker logo on it, as I plan on using it for nerf. But it’s a really amazing,adult sized stock.


  3. I like that they’re selling the banana clips separately, though they seem to have forgotten to inform people that there’s a practical limit to the amount of water one person can attach to their belt before it gives out.


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