Elite Barrel Break IX-2 & Dart Tag Snapfire 8 spotted on Toys R Us Website

Box Art of the Elite Barrel Break IX-2

Thanks to My Last Dart for the heads up on this new bit of Nerf info. It looks like the latest blaster to get the Elite treatment recolor is the Barrel Break. Following in the similar trend with the “N-Strike Elite Jolt” this is probably just a re-color of the blaster, with no performance gain. It still has the N-Strike name on the box, and the same N-Strike logo. The Toys R Us price is $24.99 though, and while it’s not out yet, the Toys R Us site puts the pre-order delivery date at 02/22/2013 (February 22, 2013). Product features are below.

The Barrel Break IX-2 is a double-barrel blaster!
Fire one Elite dart at a time or unleash both barrels at once!
Break-open barrel!
Includes 10 Elite Darts.
Elite Darts work with any N-Strike Elite blaster (sold separately).

It’s a bit disappointing that they won’t be bringing back the Dart Holder that came with the original Barrel Break. I’d rather just get a Rough Cut to be honest. Click here to view the Toys R Us listing for the Barrel Break IX-2.


Check below for the Toys R Us listing and pre-order shipping date of the long awaited Dart Tag Snapfire 8.


We finally get a confirmation that this blaster is finally coming to the USA after about a year since it was first revealed. I’ve already imported two of these and let me tell you, this blaster is nice in close quarters combat. Check out the gameplay video of me using it later in this post. The Toys R Us price is also $19.99, and 02/22/2013 (February 22, 2013) is also the pre-order shipping date. Product features below.

Blaster holds 8 DART TAG Darts.
Choose fast, short-range fire or long-range blasting!
No cocking-just pull the trigger and keep firing!
DART TAG Darts stick to DART TAG jerseys (sold separately) for easy scoring.

Click here for the Toys R Us listing.


Nerf War TDM – Snapfire 8 Rushing

Nerf War TDM – 3 Takedowns with the Snapfire 8

16 thoughts on “Elite Barrel Break IX-2 & Dart Tag Snapfire 8 spotted on Toys R Us Website”

  1. First!

    ITS HERE!!!!! Me myself thinks that the Rough-Cut is a Hornet AS-6 based blaster. I also kinda missed the Barrel-Break feel I mean could use more rounds in it but still. I makes me feel BOSS.


    1. True that, I remember the press release for the Snapfire last year said that the suggested retail price was $14.99. Toys R Us usually adds $5 to their toy prices, so I guess we’re at about $20 for now.


    2. A reply to your last comment in this chain- I once bought a Vulcan there. The Target price at the time was about $50. The price at TRU, ON SALE, was $60. Off sale, $80. Nerf should do what Apple does with their stuff and have it locked at a specific price when not on sale.


  2. Why is it that the Re-Releases of N-Strike blasters to the Elite line is all about saving costs and lack of accessories?

    The Elite Alpha Trooper STILL doesn’t come with a stock and actually goes from an 18 capacity drum to an 12 capacity clip (The same one from the Retaliator to save costs I bet)

    The “Elite” Barrel Break looses its Ammo Holder and really the only reason to buy it now is if you’re an obsessive collector who wants a repaint in the collection or if you don’t have one yet (That or if you hate the Rough Cut)


    1. Though; I just made a slow realisation…

      The box says that there are 10 darts included, now generally the blaster only comes with a full capacity for a blaster’s method of firing right? (Well save for the single shot blasters like the Jolt)

      Take away two darts ‘pre-loaded’ in the chambers that would leave eight darts…guess how much fit on the dart holder?

      Its a shot in the dark but PERHAPS there’s still a Dart holder in the box.


  3. Can’t you see that Nerf company is very particular about this thing?
    They will only grant the product “elite” along with the official Nerf-N-Strike Elite logo on the blaster if it can outperform the previous blaster models. Recolouring of the blaster isn’t considered Elite though they may include the Elite darts.


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