Buzz Bee puts up new blaster, the Tek 5 on their site (Photos)


Buzz Bee toys updated their website today with a new product called the Tek 5. I haven’t seen this in stores yet, or heard much about it, but man with the release of the Strongarm recently, Buzz Bee and their blasters are looking more obsolete then ever. You can check the original listing here.

Blasts darts up to 30 feet!
Flip out 5 chamber rotating barrel to load darts into
Auto indexing barrel
Includes 5 foam darts
Ages 5 and up
Item 40300



9 thoughts on “Buzz Bee puts up new blaster, the Tek 5 on their site (Photos)”

  1. Looks like a pretty pathetic copy of a Maverick, with the capacity of the Spectre. They REALLY need to fire their design team. Their designs are ugly (with a few exceptions like the Overlord), and their colors are horrible.


    1. good point Matt. I kinda feel like Buzz Bee needs a restart with their blaster products. Imagine if their stuff as something 3/4s as good as Nerf’s? I bet that could start a mini arms race between the two companies.


  2. What I don’t understand is that Buzz Bee makes Water Guns that shoot up to 40-45ft (compared to Nerf’s 25-30ft ranges) but can’t make 75ft Nerf Guns. Their longest range foam blasters are air-powered, just like their water guns. What about they just stay Air-Powered.


  3. Interesting, seems to be the old Tek back end hardware converted to use a flip out cylinder (heavily maverick inspired). While the aesthetics leave something to be desired and this is a 5 shot, I would guess it at least is functional and reliable which can not be said of the maverick (to the poster who mentioned $5 Mavericks, that is because those are being clearanced, and I would rather give this new Tek a shot than use a mav). Also, note that BB seems to finally be getting over the era of horrible grip and charging handle designs.


  4. I bought the Tek5 a few days ago at Target, after frustratingly not being able to find a Maverick. Despite it being a “knock-off”, it holds some design elements that I think are better than the Mav.

    1) Pistol Grip: Fits much better in my hand, than the Mav, feels more ergonomic to me.
    2) Plunger: Direct, vs Reverse a la Mav.
    3) Turret: Full-drop, no mod required. Also, the turret’s hinges are joined by a metal rod, so there’s none of that wibble-wobble you get when you do a full-barrel drop mod on your Mav.

    The plastic quality is junk compared to Nerf plastics, and two or three screws stripped their plastic slots easily just by simple removal.


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