Nerf to release different Vortex XLR Trick Shot Discs

Photo thanks to Foam From Above

MyLastDart once again comes out with some news that Nerf is releasing different kinds of “Trick Shot” disks.

Feb 12/03/2013: Exclusive info: Inspired by Fan feedback and Mods – The new Vortex XLR Discs offer Trick Shots and allow fans to further customise the blaster to your style of play.
You could have the same 5 Vortex blasters but all completely behave differently due to the different Trick Shot discs (XLR Quickshot, XLR Sidewinder, XLR Ranger+++). Can’t say any more than that right now.

I have no clue if the above image of the NYC Toy Fair showed off these disks, I doubt it because we didn’t get any new information about them from the people who went. I’m not liking the idea too much as a player. I’m so used to aiming straight at a player to hit them, but if for example some of the new disks tend to go more left, then I wouldn’t be used to that at all and would have to go through the trouble of starting a new habit.


10 thoughts on “Nerf to release different Vortex XLR Trick Shot Discs”

  1. Excellent! One of the reasons I love Vortex so much is their spinning qualities. If you’re pulling things right, you can catch some unexpected hits. Hopefully these’ll make it all the more fun to do.


  2. This sounds pretty awesome to me. One of the main drawbacks I’ve seen with Vortex blasters on the battlefield has been their range. Being able to carry a spare clip of different discs with different performance is a cool idea. Also, being able to shoot around cover has been one of the biggest benefits of Vortex blasters, so discs that allow for more of that could be awesome.


  3. I have those disc and they are alot different than the green ones, also the ELITE barrel-break ix-2 is in Toy r us Timesquare New York Chec it out! They have a Bunch!


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