Hungarian site puts up Blue and Red Special Edition XLR Discs (Photos)

Photo of the Red Special Edition XLR Discs

Urban Taggers got the scoop from a reader that a Hungarian website recently put up listings and photos for two colors of those upcoming newly colored XLR Discs. I was informed that they were coming coming Fall 2013, but the listing for red and the listing for blue both say that their in stock and ready to be shipped out.

The Blue Special Edition XLR Discs

The back of the box of the discs

Looks like the Nitron with the shield is still coming as well.


6 thoughts on “Hungarian site puts up Blue and Red Special Edition XLR Discs (Photos)”

  1. Notice the red and white reapints of the Praxis and Vigilon? Those aren’t the sub-series blasters either, as the patterns aren’t painted on them, and the entire orange part of the og Vigilon is still orange on the repaint. Cool beans, although I wish they’d pick a damn colorscheme already!


  2. Very true, and I commemorate Hasbro for that. But, I think the white repaints are unneccessary, as the sub-series is so similar. If they’re keeping the Sub-series, AND repainting the normal blasters, then will they do away with the green colorscheme eventually? It’s too complicated. (that’s why I got the Praxis a few days ago)


    1. I have no clue on where there going with the new color scheme for the Vortex line. Perhaps the lighting on this box art is just making the blasters look weird? We’ll wait and see I guess.


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