updates Strongarm Double Dark Listing, hints at “N-Strike Elite Pro” line

Spotted this in Southern California recently.

Remember that Strongarm Double Dark listing I put up? Toys R Us has updated their site listing to include a picture of the Strongarm Double Darts deal. I’ve also seen it in stores myself.

They’ve also put up a listing for the Firestrike Double Darts deal. In the description it says “NER FIRESTRIKE PRO”. I would have have just taken it as a typo or not thought much of it, but MyLastDart seems to be hinting theres more to it then that. Could N-Strike Elite Pro or N-Strike Pro be this upcoming newer line that he hinted to which surpassed 75 feet? Only time will tell it seems.

11 thoughts on “ updates Strongarm Double Dark Listing, hints at “N-Strike Elite Pro” line”

  1. Don’t want to burst your bubble, but that “pro” could simply be short for “product”. Sometimes the people entering things into the POS systems aren’t too bright. I’ve seen much dumber things before.


  2. “PRO” could also be “promotional”.

    In either case, I doubt a “NSE Pro” line having anything to do with the MLD claims. At the most, the “pro line” might exist and be a repaint series.


      1. All good points guys. I’ll probably change the title a bit later when I’m on a computer. I’m thinking that MyLastDart is just thinking that it’s referring to those three new blasters that “surpassed the 75 foot mark”. So he mentions the nda and I got a little excited.


  3. Whilst it might be nothing, it ties in with TRU wanting one of the secret 3 as an exclusive. And as I said before they take a complete line of their own, because they belong to no existing line. I’m conscious not to breach my NDA. So have refrained from divolving any further.


  4. Dunit13dl the Elite line is new to us, but retailers are 1full year ahead of us. So if they let slip, its no major biggy as fans wont really know any better. Also for hasbro engineers Elite is nearly 3 years old.


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