N-Strike Elite Stampede ECS coming this year? (Rumor)

Photo thanks to Military pictures.info
The rumored Stampede ECS blaster is said to look like the SCAR-H.

So apparently theres now a rumor that Nerf is releasing an Elite version of the Stampede ECS THIS YEAR. According to a user on the HvZ Forums.


We don’t have a photo of it, the user doesn’t want to post one to avoid trouble. You may think he’s trolling us, but if you view his post history he’s gotten his hands on some blasters early and shared them first with the Nerf community before anyone else.



I asked him if the stock was detachable, like the Raider stock, or built in, like a Longshot stock. He said it’s built in like the Longshot stock. He’s also seeing a sub-trigger on the blaster, which in recent blasters hints to it being another flywheel blaster like the Stryfe or Elite Rayven. I hope it’s not another flywheel blasters, we just had those two this year.

He also mentions that it’s more compact then the normal Stampede, but not in a bull-pup design. According to my original information findings on the Stampede, the Stampede is about 30 inches. It was a little on the long side for my comfort in indoor games, so a smaller version of the Stampede would be great to say the least. Stay tuned to my blog for more news and updates on this latest rumor!

EDIT: He’s answered another question about it.


March 6, 2013 EDIT: He answered another question about the colors he saw on the blaster.
I have a feeling that he’s thinking of yellow, and not gold.


20 thoughts on “N-Strike Elite Stampede ECS coming this year? (Rumor)”

  1. Very cool tip! Something I notice is that a clear slip is suggested. Could that be related to what NerfModsandReviews put up recently? (Maybe you did too, not sure)

    Either way, very promising.


  2. I thought MLD said we wouldn’t get any kind of stampede redo or upgrade this year but something else just as satisfying, what does MLD say about this post?


    1. I can confirm there will not be an Elite Stampede being released this year or any other. There will not be any kind of reshell/repaint of it.

      This guy has effectively posted a pic of the Stryfe – the dual trigger he mentions is the Stryfe’s fire-up auto trigger. Also ECS-50 is the code given to the Stampedes never released cs-50 drum.


      1. He said its not a stryfe MLD he said it has 4 or 5 tactical rail and its double the size of the stryfe without a stock (blank feeling)


      2. Well considering you saw what nerf had at the toy fair it would seem that this is not real, I still feel like even if there was the slightest chance this is real there wouldn’t be much of a market for it considering what nerf is bringing out.


      3. Sounds just like what happened to me when I gave you a scoop, turns out it was a Guy in the office with a painted Alpha Trooper with OMW kit and some Velcro Tipped darts from Black Tactical. Still I think he was making a statement of demand there, public demand perhaps?


  3. Wow i have been waiting for this a long time i broke my stampede and it was useless so i smashed it i love nerf its just that it was not working right 1 foot shot ELITE WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER can someone make a mod maybe . @BasicNerf can you see if you can ask Drac to make an elite stampede mod if it comes out? if you know him please do so Thanks!


    1. I don’t know him personally, and I’ve never talked to him. But you know that the guy likes to mod everything he gets. I’m sure that if this is real, he’ll modify it when it comes out,


  4. @ Zero. “Spartan” eh? That name would make sense given the “Centurion”. Could this be a trend for the names of all the unnannounced blasters?


  5. I doubt that this is true. Because usually when nerf makes a new blaster they have a few too go along with it. Such as the original elite blasters (retaliator, rampage, Hailfire). But of course maybe they might not have come up with that or I could be completely wrong.


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