$9.99 Nerf Shirt & Jolt Combo Deal


Foam From Above gave me the heads up on this Sears clearance deal recently. The deal is effective on their online site, and in stores. I will warn you that the shirts seem to be a bit on the small side though. I’m 5 feet, 10 inches tall, 135 pounds. I had to buy the biggest size and even then it feels a bit on the tight side. I like my clothes to be a little loose, it gives me some breathing room. The normal price for them is $24.99, but their on clearance for $9.99. And like the post title says, they each come with a Jolt! I already went out and bought my favorite designs today.

Check out the listings right here to see them all and order. I’ve also posted the rest of the shirt designs below in case you wanted a look right away.



Check below to view the rest of the designs. Which of these designs, if any, would you buy?







Again, feel free to leave a comment telling us which ones you like or don’t like.


5 thoughts on “ $9.99 Nerf Shirt & Jolt Combo Deal”

  1. Loving the first and second to last designs. I like the Nerf Nation design they had a while back and I’m sad to see they don’t have it included in this deal… I’m super tempted to go out and buy one of these before the deal’s over.


    1. I say you go for it. How many times have you seen a Nerf shirt in person? You don’t see them much now a days. Plus it’s on clearance, so after this they might not sell them anymore. $9.99 for a shirt and a Jolt is a great price I would say.


      1. I got back from being out like fifteen minutes ago. I ended up getting the first design. Thanks for pointing this out, otherwise I wouldn’t have even known they had these shirts.


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