Basic Nerf’s own Nerf Elite Masterkey (Photos)

Making this was easier then I thought it would be, it just took some time and careful cutting.

So if you follow my Facebook page or watch my ever expanding Youtube channel, you’ve already seen these photos in this post and small video I uploaded. In case you didn’t know, the Masterkey is basically a Shotgun under an assault Rifle’s barrel. The Shotgun attachment is used to open doors, hence the name “Masterkey”.

Inspired by the first Elite Masterkey video by Solscud, it was a thought that just bubbled around in my mind until I saw Neil (former head administrator of Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag) rocking, that’s when it moved up another level of coolness for me. Especially with that Elite Pinpoint Sight to top it off.

Photo by Stephen Dann of the Canberra Nerf Group

I decided to make by own, partly because it looks so dang cool, part boredom, and partly because I want it be my next HvZ blaster. I give a lot of props to my uncle though, he’s been a handy man for a long time in his life and without his skills with tools, and his insight and how to cut and remove certain things, I would probably still be working on this. Instead, it took us about 6 or 7 hours to make this.

If you have the blasters handy, and need someone to put it together for you, try checking out JSI Modding! I can’t reveal too much on their prices, but for about $40 USD they’ll do the work for you. I would highly recommend checking them out if you have seconds thoughts on this mod, or any mod you have in mind. And for people outside of the USA, they also do international shipping!

Keep reading the post for more photos, more of my thoughts on this, and a small video of it in action.


I would say that the amount of time spend on making the blaster is pretty good for people who have little to no Nerf blaster modding experience. The concept is very easy, your basically just cutting away parts of the shell to make them fit together. Also be sure to epoxy or hot glue the trigger in it’s full back position. Once you set it back, it’s not going to move for a long time.


The appearance of it still looks a little rough to me. If you can tell in the above photo, the grey piece there is duck tape shoved in there to help keep the magwell aligned with the Rough Cut. The zip tie on the barrel also gives it a little bit of a “ghetto” look. But as long as it’s stable, dependable, and performs well, I wouldn’t really care about how it looks. Perhaps I’ll make a cleaner, better cut version another day. But for now, I plan on enjoying this new creation. I’ve already but it through about 6 or 7 small indoor games with my little cousin, and it’s been great so far. I plan on making a video discussing and showing particular aspects of it, such as how it handles, tips on using it, prons and cons, and more. I’ll also be using it in Nerf Wars, so you will see Nerf war footage of it in action! Be sure to keep your eyes open to my Youtube channel first for that. I usually let my new content sit on my channel for a day or two before posting it on my blog.

I’ve left the Rough Cut stock, and only the Stryfe is modded. The mods are the dart sensor lever removed, connection soldered allow for more voltage, and I plan on running it on 12.6v aka 3 trustfires. Still only has stock motors, but maybe I’ll take that extra step and replace them one day. I also plan on somehow getting myself an Elite Pinpoint Sight to complement this all. In the meantime, you can check out a small video below of me doing a surprise attack to my cousin with this new creation.


11 thoughts on “Basic Nerf’s own Nerf Elite Masterkey (Photos)”

  1. so in the video is it 3, 2, or (probably not) 1 trustfire(s). Reason I ask is you said you “plan” on using 3 trustfires. Also, I ordered 2 ultrafires for my stryfe, and wanted to know if I should look in to getting another. I’m not looking for better range, just faster acceleration.


      1. thanks for replying so soon! so I think I’ll order another batch of just batteries (what I got before included a charger) to get a total of 6. (gotta have backups in an intense war!)

        So does using 3 trustfires/ultrafires and 1 refular 1.5v require any electrical modification, or is it okay to just put ’em in and fire away? Thanks so much for the help, btw. Looked everywhere and I couldn’t find any definite answers.


        1. No problem man.

          Using 3 Trustfires by itself is going to require removing the thermal resistor. And you’ll need a soldering tool for that.

          Also it’s HIGHLY recommended that you don’t mix batteries with different voltage/discharge rates. So please don’t, for safety issues.


          1. well, I happen to have a soldering tool, and my dad just happens to know how to use it – what, teenagers can’t be serious nerfers too? :P

            I actually didn’t know mixing ultrafires and regular batteries could be dangerous, so thanks for the heads-up. So now I just need to order more ultrafires, go out and get some wires, and spend some time in the workshop.

            Thanks again for getting back so quickly, as – once again – there were no definite answers on these questions anywhere.


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