Nerf brings Double Your Blasting Target Challenge to Roblox


Nerf has just updated their official game section on the game called Roblox. I’ve seen my little cousin play the game once in awhile. The challenge is supposedly really easy to accomplish. Check below for the official description and a game video.

Get ready for some serious target practice! Select either the new Diatron blaster or the new Rough Cut blaster and hit as many targets as you can each 5 minute round. Targets are worth different points so be on the lookout for red targets – they’re worth extra points! Be sure to grab the different power ups so you can shoot faster and score more points.As an added bonus, the MVP of each round will be able to unlock the upgraded Rough Cut blaster with precision scope. © 2013 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.


6 thoughts on “Nerf brings Double Your Blasting Target Challenge to Roblox”

  1. so weird, I would absolutely love love a first person shooter game of nerf, the other games don’t count because those are arcade shooters.


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