New N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 photo & some features revealed on Swiss website, My Thoughts on the Blaster

The posted up image from, expanded to twice the original size by me.

Yesterday afternoon, a Swiss German site put up a listing for the N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18. A French version of the same site added the same listing, but with a product description.

Le RAPIDSTRIKE est un pistolet 100 % automatique pour des tirs en rafale : jusqu à 3,6 fléchettes par seconde. Sa batterie est allégée. Elle est 75 % moins lourde que celle du Stampede. Pour une utilisation plus personnalisée, la crosse est ajustable. Contient 18 fléchettes!

or when translated through Google Translate.

Description translated: RAPIDSTRIKE the gun is 100% automatic gunfire burst: up to 3.6 darts per second. Its battery is reduced. It is 75% lighter than the Stampede. For a more personalized, lacrosse is adjustable. Contains 18 darts!

This blaster is most likely what was referred to as the rumored “new Stampede” I posted about on the blog about a week ago. As you read this post, please remember that this is all speculation based off a site listing, it’s photo, and it’s product description. As of March 15, there’s still has been no official confirm or deny of this blaster.

Just take a look at the above photo and take it all in. It’s a very awesome looking blaster to say the least. But it’s going to be a flywheel blaster, based off the comment that MyLastDart left on my blog post about the rumored Stampede. With automatic burst fire, the only other automatic flywheel blaster is the Nerf Vortex Nitron. Of course it might not be a flywheel blaster, but again I’m basing this post on what he said. I’ll talk more about the rate of fire later in the post, and compare it to other blasters later in this post. 3.6 darts per second is not a slow as you think it is.

There’s a clear clip on the blaster, and the darts look different with their black tips. Is this hinting towards new kinds of darts and a new clear clip? You can also see 5 different tactical rails on the blaster. MyLastDart has hinted toward their being an under barrel attachment of sorts that’s going to be released in the future. And it looks like there’s plenty of room on this blaster for that.

It also looks like there’s going to be 3 solid sling points, 4 if you count the stock area loop, on the blaster. This is very important for things like Humans vs. Zombies and indoor games.

There’s ALOT of initial thoughts and speculation going around in the NIC. I’ll list and talk about things like possible pricing, release dates, stock performance, ergonomics, special features, marketing, and more after the jump.

If you don’t feel like reading all the post, I’ve also made a video in which you can also listen to the things I discuss in this post.

– Possible Pricing: I’m thinking personally that it’s going to be about $39.99 in the USA. The N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire, Vortex Pyragon, and Vortex Revonix 360 all have price points of $39.99. The Stampede cost of $49.99 was a bit more justified because it came with 3 18 dart mags, the Rapidstrike seems to online come with just 1.

– Possible Release Date: I’m thinking Fall 2013 for this. Possibly August 1 like the original Elite line release. I feel like the Mega Centurion will be the big September 9 released blaster. When September 9 comes around for Nerf, there always release something innovative or something that raises the bar. With the Centurion and it’s ranges of up to 100 feet claim it just screams something new and exciting, and the Rapidstrike doesn’t really bring any particularly new to the table. It’s bring more of a level of coolness.

I’m thinking that with the new Rebelle line and the Mega Centurion coming out, Nerf wants to focus their effort and money promoting their other lines. We’ve also just gotten the Elite Stryfe, Rayven, Rough Cut, Triad, Jolt, Reflex, Firestrike, and Strongarm all this year in the Winter 2012/Winter 2013 release batch. If you add the Rapidstrike, that’s 9 new Elite products this year, so any more of them would be costly to make and promote. The Vortex series is not as popular as the Elite Series, so we’ve only gotten the Diatron and upcoming Revonix360. And don’t forget, we’re still getting new Vortex colored discs and Vortex blaster repaints as well.

– Possible Performance: Amongst the HvZ, indoor, and casual players, I could see this replacing the Stampede. Due to it’s better ranges, smaller price, increased future availability over the Stampede, arguably better looks, and higher rate of fire over the Stampede. The rate of fire in the description is 3.6 darts person. 3.6 multiplied by 60 is 216 darts per minute. Speaking of it’s rate of fire, I’ve clocked the Stampede in it’s stock form at 3 darts per second. I’ve also tested the Barricade and Quick 16 in Slam fire mode at 4 darts per second. And if you’ve user used or gone up against those blasters, you’ll know how fast they are.

MyLastDart mixed up his first Centurion post. He mentioned a blaster that had both 3 round burst and full auto. Perhaps this blaster could be it? The ability to full auto fire while holding down the trigger is a great ability to have to say the least. I have mixed feelings on the ability to burst fire. When playing with a Stampede, I just held down the trigger for a few seconds to give myself a burst fire feature. I tapped it once for a single fire. I’m not sure how easy it’ll be for you to switch firing modes on this blaster, but if it is easy, that going to be a major plus. I have a feeling that you hold down the second trigger and then the main one for burst fire. I’ll personally just stick to automatic fire for the most part.

– Possible Ergonomics: Unfournately, this is the probably the thing that we’re the most unsure about. We don’t really have a clue as to how wide, long, or big it is. The magwell and clip release look very similar to the Stryfe though, and thats a good thing I would say. All the added sling points now give us a solid option for one point slings (for quick switching to your secondary) or a two point sling (for carrying/walking).

I’m going to take a guess and say that this takes C-batteries. In the description it says that it’s lighter, but with a higher rate of fire then a Stampede. With such a high automated rate of fire, I’m guessing that it’ll need to take more current to do that. C batteries, rather then the AA that the Stryfe, Rayven, and Hail-Fire use, should be able to supply that need.

The ability to adjust the stock is a big plus. It doesn’t look like there’s notches in the stock though, so it might have all the way out, or all the way in like the Longshot’s stock. If it’s the case, I’ll be a bit disappointed in that. When I use a blaster, I have to be comfortable with it to get the best performance out of it. I use my Raider stock all the time because I love it’s ability to adjust for the different types of places that I play in. If the Rapidstrike’s stock feels too long or too short me me, I may end up not using it and go with something like a Stryfe instead.

– Possible Modding Performance:

If it’s built in a similar way to the Vortex Nitron, there’s a pusher rod that pushes the darts through the Flywheels. That process is electronically automated each time. If you wire more voltage to the push rod and flywheels though, you get something like this.

However, the Vortex series has a 40 disc drum that feeds well to complement that rate of fire. The most used, widely available ammo capacity is the 18 dart magazine. I feel like that would chew through ammo very quickly, and does not seem necessary to me even in games like HvZ. That particular dart rod pusher is running at 36v, so maybe something at a lower voltage would be better for this upcoming blaster. With the still high rate of fire in it’s stock form, I think that’ll be enough for users on the casual side of Nerf.

– My Overall Thoughts: This looks super duper awesome, and seems ergonomically good as well. I like the Stampede a lot, bought it right when it came out, and I’ll most likely doing the same thing with this blaster as well. The fully automatic fire is going to be very handy in all sorts of game. The clear 18 dart magazine will be handy and a another cool magazine to have. You’ll definitely be seeing Humans vs. Zombies games and Nerf wars with me using this in the future.


17 thoughts on “New N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 photo & some features revealed on Swiss website, My Thoughts on the Blaster”

  1. With the “I’m NDA bound I can’t say anything” going on with MyLastDart and your report on the blaster what I posted yesterday on different sites starts to look a bit flimsey…but still this is how I feel about this blaster – I think some things just don’t add up and here’s why:

    There’s a couple of things that rub me the wrong way with this blaster and I think its a fake; but I’ve been surprised before…

    Lets just start with the elephant in the room; The coloring scheme.
    All Elite blasters that I know of use blue with white striping and orange/grey/black for details.
    – This guy goes the other way by making the striping orange and only having a bit of white in the stock…which Looks foldable rather then removable – folding the stock fully would I beleive eliminate white completely from the blaster.

    Asfar as I know none of the Elite blasters have tactical rails colored differently from their main bodies.
    – This guy has top, side and bottom tactical rails in that same orange color that confuses me with the striping.

    The picture shown of the clear clip a few weeks ago shows that the clear clip has an orange bar on which the darts rest; unless the ammo is photoshopped in this picture we see that resting bar through the clear plastic being grey rather then orange.
    – Ofcourse the clip could be a fake or they could recolor the resting bar – but I rather think the clip is real – this blaster isnt.

    All elite blasters have a grey plate with the name of the blaster on the right side (And some on the left too) in this picture I cannot find such plate – I CAN find something that resembles a plate on the orange stripe (With a bit of its tip colored in blue)
    Its however too small to make out what it says -I’m not CSI afterall-
    – It however doesn’t match the rest of the N-Strike Elite color schemes present on all other blasters.

    All Nerf blasters have an N-Strike or N-Strike Elite logo painted on either the handle or the body (Sometimes both).
    – I can’t find a logo anywhere on the body or the handle, thats like a dead giveaway that something is not correct.

    The last thing that confuses me is the history – Mylastdart mentioned that there would be no Elite Stampede in the pipeline and if there was he’d have hinted at it differently.
    You’d say “But Stompy it has an acceleration trigger so its Flywheel and not a Stampede remake”
    – It certainly looks like that but would you really think they’d make ANOTHER flywheel blaster?
    If anything I think IF it were real that it would be an on/off button rather then trigger to allow it to be operated ambidextrously.

    All in all I think its a good looking blaster but the color scheme inconsistencies with the rest of the Elite line make me say one of these two things:

    1) Its a fake; Only picked up by one site and mistakingly seen as real. (Highly Likely)
    2) Its real, but we’re looking at an protype painted/fan painted blaster. (Extremely Unlikely)

    But again; I’ve been wrong before…


    1. Colorscheme: The Raider, original longshot, and Longstrike were blue, rather than yellow, as well as the Rayven being green. It’s possible they wanted to mix things up a bit, and this may just be a early beta of it that shows off one of their ideas for colorschemes.

      Tactical rails: …What? How could that ever disprove a blaster? The Stampede was yellow with orange rails, the Rayven was green with orange tactical rails. It happened all the time with N-strike, why does the Elite series need to be different?

      Magazine: The Clear clip pictured is very tinted, and thus in the CGI they did of this(This is clearly from the back of a box), the orange comes out as black. Read MyLastDart’s comment or actually zoom into the photograph to see the color.

      Name plate: The thing on the orange stripe clearly says Rapidstrike if you actually zoom the picture.

      Elite Logo: The Elite logo is clearly printed on the right side of the carrying handle. It’s right there.

      MyLastDart’s comments: Are you seriously going to be basing this on the comments of someone that Hasbro stated “was inaccurate and misrepresented our information”? He only had so much access, it’s not like he’s the head of Hasbro.

      So let me restate that for you,
      1) Its a fake; Only picked up by one site and mistakingly seen as real. (Extremely Unlikely)
      2) Its real, but we’re looking at an protype painted/fan painted blaster. (Highly Likely)


      1. The Raider, Original Longshot and Longstrike are all not in the Elite line; What I’m saying is that with all the releases of the Elite line (Even going as far as recoloring blasters without changing internals (read Barrel-Break) they’ve gone very far to keep to a certain color scheme- I just wonder why they step from that so drastically all of the sudden.

        Regarding the tactical rails I say the same; Elite has them in the color of the body (Blue) all of them do – so why is this different?

        About the magazine I have to agree; Its indeed like the black tips of the darts (Something I did not notice untill pointed out) probably part of the picture rather than actually black.

        Looking at the plate; I still can’t make out what it says; though I could inmagine it says Rapid Strike; It could be called Bottomshuffeler for all it matters in the point I’m trying to make.
        As stated above its the way the plate is colored making it not match to the current standard for the elite line.

        The Logo is indeed on the carrying handle; I could not see it originally but again that might be my lack of CSI zoomtech ™

        About MyLastDart I can be pretty blunt; I love the guy’s work and he’s the only one of us out here that has had hands on time with stuff and contact with Hasbro – hell he knows allot that he just can’t say.
        So to be quite frank he’s the best we got out here – and as stated before; this Centurion leak has not been his fault.
        Though I really do wonder what he thinks of this blaster – he’s refrained from a blogpost as far as I know and been very protective of me here … what that means I cannot tell.

        All I can say is that I’m still not 100% sure about the existance of this blaster – though I can be pretty frank – If this was elite colored with the above issues on color mended I would be much more inclined to beleive its a real blaster – So who knows could be a prototype color – something wrong on packaging (Like the stampede shield) or a new look/one off look on the elite line.

        But… thats all guesswork on my end.


    1. Whoops your right, thanks for catching that. I re-did the math and fixed the post. I’ve clocked the Stampede in it’s stock form at 3 darts per second. I’ve also tested the Barricade and Quick 16 in Slam fire mode at 4 darts per second.



    Get a life please.


    1. To add on, apparently Stompy hasn’t heard of CGI renditions before. This picture of the
      Rapidstrike definitely looks like the kind that would go on to the back of the box where they showcase the different features of the blaster. Furthermore most CGI renditions are based on prototypes of the actual blaster. Real life scenario here; Back of Hailfire box shows that the jam door is orange, but we get a clear jam door on the actual retail model. Another example; Back of Retaliator box shows that it’s pistol grip does not have an NS-Elite logo, but the actual retail model has it.

      I can go on and on with the many other examples but I don’t need to since the evidence is there on the boxes.

      What I think about this? Well since there is already an image of it, then why deny it’s existence out there, possibly being planned by Hasbro’s engineers or already being churned out at their factories? Heck

      Seriously, there is no need to get so uptight about a CGI and fish out every single detail to prove why is it a fake.


    2. My dear “anon”

      If you paid any attention to my ‘wall of text’ you might have noticed that I said “I think its fake” (Please note the think part) and later say “I have been wrong before” denoting that the text above it is my personal view on why I beleive that this blaster is a fake – or at the very least not exactly what we’re going to get in the stores as recent buzz and Mylastdart’s sealed lips start to push me to the other camp.

      As you rightfully say so; Some blasters come out differently then we first see them; or actually still see them (Thinking about the Rampage shield here and the missing Stampede Bipod on the box)
      Though for this blaster some of the things seem so radically different from the normal Elite color scheme that I needed to post some of the points to try and see if there were other people that could help me prove my point; or find people that can prove my thoughts are wrong.

      Generally these comments come in a neat manner, refraining from personal insults or anything alike – except for yours and I must ask:
      What do you think this is? The Youtube comment section?

      If you feel you have to say something about my text then next time please do it inmediatly in the nice and constructive manner you have below and refrain from the personal attacks; That would be nice.

      In any case my thoughts: Well despite being rude about it mr. “anon” makes a good point; It can certainly be a real blaster and the picture could be for a box – but the massive differences on the current elite status quo make me question its authenticity.

      If we are going to see the blaster – I certainly hope they bring the coloring around back to the normal elite coloring we all know; My blaster rack would look a bit odd in the Elite section otherwise…


  3. “MyLastDart’s comments: Are you seriously going to be basing this on the comments of someone that Hasbro stated “was inaccurate and misrepresented our information”? He only had so much access, it’s not like he’s the head of Hasbro.”

    Joltthecolt – the information i posted was given the go ahead and cleared by Hasbro UK. Hasbro US took issue, causing Hasbro UK PR to request i retract the coverage. An error I was “absolved” of due to a mix up not at my hands, but rather a miscommunication break down between Hasbro PR arms.

    Stompy has constructed a decent structured debate where he states a number of times he may yet be mistaken in his assumptions. You seem to respond constructively as an Anon but I might be wrong.


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