Basic Nerf Tutorial: How to Make 4 Different Kinds of Jungle Magazines (Video)

So the process of making a jungle magazine is very simple. For those who don’t know, it’s basically taping or attaching two magazines together for quicker reloading and allows you to hold more ammo during games. If you already knew how to make them, hopefully this video will give you a new idea or two on how to make to make particular ones. All your going to need is pretty much 2 18 dart mags, duct tape, and a 6 dart mag for a certain type of jungle mag.

Are there any types from this video that you haven’t seen yet? Do you use jungle mags during games and HvZ? Why or why not? Leave a comment and share your thoughts por favor!


8 thoughts on “Basic Nerf Tutorial: How to Make 4 Different Kinds of Jungle Magazines (Video)”

  1. I have previously created several of these, what I’ve always called dual and triple mags. One of my favorite advantages of having a downward facing mag is that you can pick up stray ammunition from the ground and immediately load it into your downward facing mags, giving you a constant supply of ammunition coupled with incredibly efficient reload time. The only thing I’ve done differently is that I use clear packing tape instead of duct tape, just as strong but a little more asthetically pleasing! Nice tutorial, as well!


    1. There are a couple of reasons I didn’t show that in the video.

      – It didn’t come to mind until after the video.
      – I’ve never tried that. I was showing off mags that I have used or seen in person.
      – You get colors clashing if you use the Firefly Tech mag and another one :P
      – I was also expecting the readers and viewers to come up with their own ideas.

      Recently one of the Mags on my jungle mag has been having feeding issues, so I switched to the duel Firefly Tech mags. Even before I went through a full day of Nerfing using my new mags, I knew I would be pretty comfortable with them because they were seldom used, so I know that they’ll feed well.


    1. Thanks for the comment! I’ve never tried it with industrial strength Velcro, but personally the sound of just wrapping it with duct tape sounds safer and more sturdy to me.


  2. I use gaffer’s tape for mine. Partially for the added durability of the tape, but mainly it’s what I have sitting around the house. I’d have to be crazy to actually buy a roll for the sole purpose of nerf. But when you go through a roll a week already, a couple feet here and there for a clip isn’t going to kill you.


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