add Elite Mega Centurion & Vortex Revonix360 listings, products descriptions. Revonix360 to fire 3 disks?


The French site once again has give the NIC a bit of a sneak peek more at the upcoming N-Strike Elite Mega Centurion and Vortex Revonix360 blasters. Here’s the original text, and translations for each item.

Centurion Description:

“Le Mega Centurion est un pistolet au look et à la puissance unique : il tire à plus de 30 mètres ! Equipé d un trépied, il est le plus précis de la gamme. Inclus chargeur 6 fléchettes”

“Mega Centurion is a gun to look and unique power: it draws more than 30 meters! Equipped with a tripod, it is the most accurate range. Charger included 6 darts”

Revonix360 Description:

“Un pistolet qui tire 3 disques à une distance de 15 mètres ! Il est équipé d un rail permettant d accueillir les accessoires Nerf.”

“A gun that shoots 3 discs at a distance of 15 meters! It is equipped with a rail for accessories to accommodate the nerve.” Centurion listing Revonix360 listing also put up a listing for the Mega Centurion. That’s where I got the image from in this post and simply re sized it to about twice it’s original size. I’ll save my thoughts on this new product image for another post.
As for the Revonux360, I’m a bit confused because the original product description I got makes no mention of it shooting 3 disks. Sure it was mentioned at the Toy Fair that the Revonix360 there was a proto-type, but I feel like the product would have been much more finalized before they sent out a product description of it. We’ll see what the future holds for these products.

17 thoughts on “ add Elite Mega Centurion & Vortex Revonix360 listings, products descriptions. Revonix360 to fire 3 disks?”

      1. There appears to be a seam going through the Nerf logo. Perhaps it comes separated, and you have to put some of it together, similar to the Longstrike?

        Also the draw indeed does appear to be massive, and the bolt in the photo looks like it’s in the middle of the draw. Perhaps there’s a two stage sort of draw, where it’ll get cached in like we see in the above photo. Then pull it all the way back after that to fully prime. That would help the younger people with the massive draw length.


  1. I’m sure I’m going to do something like the long strike detachable stock mod. no way I’m carrying that around in an indoor war. also, I’m really curious as to how the “smart bi-pod” actually works.


    1. My guess is it has a spring in it that keeps it down when it is being rested on the ground, and when you lift it up it folds back up.


  2. Well since its kind of automatic I would think not, but basicnerf have you heared about the rapidstrike and elite aphla trooper will be in soon or long time like August-December.


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