Napa Valley College Humans vs. Zombies Blaster Ban coming into effect

Photo thanks to Nappa Valley Registry

This was shared on my Facebook page recently. It seems that once again another school’s HvZ has gotten reduced, and not just in quality, but play area size as well. Here’s a portion of the article that I quoted.

College officials argue, however, that the sight of students running with blasters through campus has raised concerns among some students and faculty. In the wake of recent school shootings across the U.S., gun violence has become an increasingly sensitive issue, said Benjamin Quesada, student life coordinator at Napa Valley College.

This semester, officials are requiring players not to use foam dart blasters, and to keep the game restricted to smaller, separate areas of campus.

Instead of dart blasters, players may use rolled-up socks or little cloth bags of bird seed, which are similar to bean bags, Quesada said. The areas of play will be limited to sections of campus that are farther away from classrooms and will be coned off and have signs indicating that a game is in progress, he said.

I asked what we as a Nerf & HvZ community could do to help, and all that was requested was that we share this news link with others and keeping spreading the word on the struggle.

View all the article here.

View the Nappy Valley College HvZ Facebook page here.


4 thoughts on “Napa Valley College Humans vs. Zombies Blaster Ban coming into effect”

    1. It’s still fun without the Nerf blasters, but arguably not as fun for most people. What bothers me the most is that they’ve had at least one full school year there playing HvZ without trouble like this. Also they’ve limited their play area now which just seems to add salt to the wound.


  1. Yay, lets teach the world that us Americans that we are are afraid of small pieces of foam hitting us, that boys cannot be boys and that we don’t know the difference from yellow blue plastic and gunmetal ; ) Meant in sincere sarcasm, of course.


  2. Things like this just tick me off. I have played small games of HvZ with my friends, and like jlx9 said, without Nerf blasters, the fun is taken out. Games would kind of suck without using Nerf blasters, and things would be way more difficult for people used to using full or semi auto blasters.
    Nerf blasters shouldn’t be promoting violence in the college, as people that age are smarter than those stupid kids who play CoD all the time. Those kids, however, are a problem.
    Anyways, I really hope that this problem is resolved, and that they can fling foam again. :)


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