Paper Shooters, an Indiegogo campaign (Video)

The introduction video to Paper Shooters

Foam From Above recently brought to my attention this new blaster coming into the market. I’m a bit mixed on it. You build the blaster out of the box, and it fires ammo that you have to soak before you fire. It also comes with shell ejection. They also claim ranges of up to 75 feet. Check out the video for more details!

Our cardboard gun kits are available to buy now at

We created PAPER SHOOTERS™ for two reasons:
1. We like building things
2. We like shooting things

Kit Includes:

– Plastic shape (skeleton) and all internal mechanics
– Layer one Camo Skin (with rivets/ screws to attach to plastic)
– Layer two Camo Skin (glues onto layer one to add significant detail)
– 8 Gold Shells with 50 pcs of pre made ‘soft splat’ paper ammo
– Mould to make ‘soft splat’ ammo from ordinary paper (never need run out of pellets)
– Zombie head target

New models, camo’s, attachments etc all COMING SOON!


3 thoughts on “Paper Shooters, an Indiegogo campaign (Video)”

  1. they recently followed me on instagram and thats how i learned about them and the concept seems very intriguing im curious if theres any modding possibilities and maybe a dart conversion


  2. Build your own blaster that fires ammo made from ordinary paper.
    Get it on Kickstarter now!


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