Nerf Rough Cut 2×4 = Winchester 1887? (Video)


I for the life of me can’t figure out how to embed the video here. But a user recently figured out how to flip the Rough Cut like the Winchester 1887. You can view the video here. It was made very popular in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, but to be a different here’s a clip of Arnold Schwarzenegger doing it in Terminator 2.


5 thoughts on “Nerf Rough Cut 2×4 = Winchester 1887? (Video)”

  1. the biggest difference is that the Winchester is lever action meaning it can be flipped one handed, can’t do that with the pump.


  2. What they said… the 1897 Winchester was the first successful pump. But I’m down with Hasbro experimenting with a lever action. Didn’t they have some survey some months back soliciting fan feedback? Seems like “zombies” was the overwhelming favorite theme, but “western” was one of them too…


  3. I…am trying to replicate this, to no end. Both the action of pumping it while turning it and having the slide move forward on momentum alone…maybe the grey triggered ones have weaker springs or something, or maybe my hands are a lot weaker than I think they are.


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