A Possible Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 USA & International Release Date (Rumor)

So I’m not going to post those leaked Rapidstrike CS-18 images, I’m pretty sure that Hasbro higher ups wouldn’t want them getting out even more. The blaster itself hasn’t been officially announced or acknowledged by Nerf, so far this whole thing is unofficial.

April 17, 2013 EDIT: After asking the USA Public Relations Contacts for information on this blaster, they appear to not have any, or any to publicly share, at the moment.

We might have an “unofficial” release date for this upcoming blaster though. Previous store listings Shops.Ch and Soundmedia.ch have put up the release date of August 30, 2013 on their listing for the item.

These are overseas sites though, and I remember the USA got the Elite line first with a soft release date being around August 1 last year. I don’t recall when overseas markets started to get it, although something in feelings is telling me that they started to get it a month later. So if the date being listed is late August for the overseas market, could the USA get this around August 1?

At the very least, can someone give a reminder on when the international markets, or their countries, started to get the Elite line back in 2012?

April 17, 2013 EDIT: Apparently fan blog UK Nerf spotted the Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 and Elite Mega Centurion on Ebay and purchased them. The seller made an error and will be shipping the orders to them at a later date. They said May 22 is when they receive their stock. Could June be a possible UK release date for this item?

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