A Possible UK Release Date for the Mega Centurion (Rumor)


A UK site lists the Mega Centurion coming out 5/10/13, but a May release wouldn’t make sense because we would have been seeing advertising for a big Nerf product coming out a month from now. If you instead use 10/5/13 as a release date, October 5, 2013 makes more sense for a product coming out. The image their also using on their site is from MyLastDart’s website, which makes their listing a bit shady in itself.

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14 thoughts on “A Possible UK Release Date for the Mega Centurion (Rumor)”

  1. That’s exactly why I wish different countries could come to a consensus about how to write dates, or companies would stop being lazy and actually write out the month instead of using numbers.


    1. I’m guessing that this will be the big 9/9 blaster they do every year. Plus I wouldn’t put too much trust into this site, the listing is a bit shady since they used MyLastDart’s image to put up the listing. If it were a proper retail listing, I think they would have gotten an official image from Hasbro/Nerf.


  2. This is simply an elaborate scam to bag early commited sales. I can guarantee its not this date, and it will be riddled with “delays”. Also its using an image with a certain watermark. How legitimate.


  3. If you clicked on the Centorion and look at the :”Product Description” it said “Coming soon to MAY!!!” so most likely its fake.


  4. If you look just below the product description for the Centurion, below the share links it states “This product will be in stock on Friday 10 May, 2013.” The fact that they lifted the picture from MLD is hillarious. You should email them and demand some royalties :D


  5. May makes better sense. This is just speculation without any insider info, but I envision the Centurion as an outdoor toy. A foam-based toy firing 100′ probably wouldn’t be released on the brink of winter when it would have to be used primarily indoors. Shattered lamps and welts? Yeah, no thanks. If not 5/13, perhaps this was a typo or misunderstanding for a 2014 release? But, then again, that seems early or a store listing. It’s all curious to me.


    1. I not think a May 2013 release date would make much sense. This is obviously going to be a big, almost ground breaking product when it comes out. I would expect them to have been advertising for it. I’m feeling like this will be more like the big 9/9 release they do every year.


  6. On the description on the site it says it fires up to 100 METERS, but the box said 100feet, which would be about (just estimating) 35-40 meters. Very suspicious….


  7. Personally, I wouldn’t waste $50+ for this. You can get a longshot for $32 at kmart, then mod it i to get the same range, or build a SNAPbow for $45, and get way better ranges.



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