puts up Elite Alpha Trooper listing, DCPI Code now viewable

Photo from has updated their old Alpha Trooper CS-18 listing a bit. The photos shown for it are of the new Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12, while the product description still mentions it as the “Alpha Trooper CS-18” and refers to it’s matching 18 dart drum.

The listing says that it’s not being sold in stores yet, but The DCPI code is 087-11-0118. For those who don’t know how that works, it’s quite simple. The DCPI number is Target’s unique number listing for their items. If you can’t find the item on shelves, take the code to Target, find someone with those big hand held scanners, or find someone working the computers in the electronic section. Tell them that you can’t find the item, but you have the DCPI code for it.

Once they input it, it tells them how much they have in stock, what other Targets have it in stock, and how much stock they have in their stores. If they have it in stores, but it’s in the back, you can usually ask someone to pull it out of the back, and you’ll be able to purchase it at the counter.

You can view the whole listing here.


10 thoughts on “ puts up Elite Alpha Trooper listing, DCPI Code now viewable”

  1. Hi @BasicNerf I live in Connecticut and we have had elite guns earlier than other states if I can find one then I will tell you and maybe talk about it if its great or bad bye!



  2. My Target had them! Three in stock! Check the price checkers for the DCPI- The best part? They were 6 dollars Each!


  3. Got three in Deptford, NJ earlier today for $5.99 a piece. They had them in the back (used the code). Very fun blaster. Probably my new favorite.


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