Mega Centurion to be Released in Australia in October (News)

Small side note, can we get some official/new images released by Nerf so that I can stop using certain unoffical ones?

So apparently Australia is getting the Mega Centurion in October 2013. Crispy of SOFT did some digging recently, and posted his results.

(Crispy) So after checking with Hasbro AU for current Longshot numbers in Australia, they replied with this.

Hi Michael,

Unfortunately, Hasbro Australia no longer distributes this particular product.

The new range of Nerf Elite will have a comparable blaster; “The Centurian”, this will be available at retail stores in October 2013.

So, there is out Australian release date for our version of the Centurian. Get Excited.

It seems like his contact misspelled Centurion, but other then that the land down under has a release month now. Thanks to my affiliated site SOFT for breaking this news!


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