A New Nerf Attachment: The Mission App Tactical Rail Mount (Photos)

Apparently their using the Rapidstrike to help show off the accessory on the box.

It looks like Nerf is embracing the digital age bit by bit, and the this Mission App Rail Mount that’s been pictured on the back of the Centurion box art is apparently going to be on sale sooner then later it seems. A Baidu user, that Google translated to “Dian ruthless powerful”, got his hands on this new product recently, and took a few photos for all to see.




Photo of an iPhone in the mount.

It’s hard to read the thread where the photos came from, but apparently the item’s isn’t for sale yet. Also mentions that the Android version won’t be supported for a couple of months. How he got it is unclear, because Google Translate can only do so much. Judging by the area in the photos he’s in, I’m going to guess that he’s in some sort of Toy Fair or Toy Event.


One thought on “A New Nerf Attachment: The Mission App Tactical Rail Mount (Photos)”

  1. Ooooh, I’ve been hoping for months that Nerf was going to start selling accessories like detachable stocks and rail accessories. This gives me even more hope.


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