Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 gets released in the Philippines

Photo thanks to the Nerf Club Philippines

The first country to officially get the Rapidstrike is apparently the Philippines. According to the Nerf Club Philippines Facebook page, it’s been released in Toys R Us’s and Toy Kingdom stores in the Metro Manila area. MSRP is supposed to be around Php 3,199.75, which converts to about $76 USD. Overseas prices are a bit skewered and overpriced depending on which county your in.

Here’s a link to 3 photos as proof that it’s out in the Philippines.

The next question of course, is when is the USA going to get it? I’ll my public relations contacts and see if, or when, they respond, and share the information with you.


12 thoughts on “Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 gets released in the Philippines”

  1. I’ll believe when there’s some sort of confirmation. So far no photos, nothing on eBay, just their Facebook post. If this were true shouldn’t there be a dozen on eBay already?


    1. There’s been a few people posting on their Facebook page that they’ve seen it. The the Facebook page, from knowledge, hasn’t ever put up a lie like that.

      As for the lack of photos right now, it’s only about 8:30 AM over there. From the past 8 hours most people have sleeping. I’m sure if we give it a bit of time, we’ll get photos popping up from over there.

      And to answer your ebay question, again it is early in the morning over there. Also I’m not sure how “hardcore” or aware the Nerf community is over there. Maybe the majority of fans over there are young and don’t really have the knowledge or access to ebay selling.The Rapidstrike doesn’t seem like it was officially advertised, just sort of appeared in stores.


      1. The photos are in. It’s undeniable. This is exciting news. I’m far more amped up about this blaster than the centurion.


    1. Nerf Club Philippines is saying that people are seeing them here:

      – Toys “R” Us Greenbelt 5
      – Toys “R” Us Glorietta 4
      – Toy Kingdom SM Makati

      Quezon City
      – Toys “R” Us Eastwood


  2. PS here in the philippines got the last box yesterday in ToysRus in metro manila i went to toykingdom then they said they have no Rapid strikes left haha im just lucky so if you’re a filipino and you want to buy this Sorry it’s already SOLD out NCP said that Playkit PH doesen’t have em in their warehouses GL to yall getting one remember it’s nerf or nothing!


  3. Update:
    According to a salesperson at Toy Kingdom SM Megamall, the N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 was not sold out two weeks ago. All units were pulled out of the shelves because someone screwed up royally and jumped the gun on the intended release date (which is currently unknown). So those who actually bought a Rapidstrike two weeks ago are the most fortunate people in Nerf fandom.

    It’s Nerf or Nothin’!

    (source: https://www.facebook.com/nerfclubphilippines/posts/599369613421178)


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