Nerf’s Big, Red Announcement is the Mega Centurion, New Information revealed


It’s finally officially revealed, Nerf took to Facebook this morning to announce the Mega Centurion blaster.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
A 360 degree view of the Centurion

Nerf linked it’s readers to Popular Science for more photos and information on the blaster. If you’ve been following the Nerf blogs and Baidu leaks, there isn’t much new information for you. However, the article, and comments left by Nerf on their photo, gave us a few tibits of new information.

– $49.99 MSRP, Fall Release Date (via Pop Science article)
– “Nathaniel and Chuck, the Centurion blasts up to 100ft in the US and Canada and up to 23m in most other countries. You’ll definitely be blasting farther than ever before.”

Only up to about 75 feet overseas? But doesn’t the Elite series already do that for them? I don’t really see the initiative to switch then.

– “Daniel, extra MEGA darts will be available for purchase separately!”

That’s a definitively a good thing. I also don’t see why they wouldn’t sell extra mags for the blaster as well.

– “Chew, as with all our blasters, availability varies from country to country, so it may not be available in Singapore.”

Well, that’s a bit disheartening if that’s the case and it stays that way. I’m sure it’ll make it’s way over there eventually though, Singapore has a good sized Nerf community.

Nerf also keeps wording that this blaster will be released in the Fall. I also talked to my public relations contact, and their pretty much confirming that it’s NOT going to have a specific release date. I was guessing that the Centurion would be the big 9/9 released blaster, but I guess not. Does this mean that the big 9/9 blaster/line hasn’t been leaked or announced yet? Could this mean that we won’t have a special 9/9 release blaster this year? I would love to hear your opinion on this readers.


2 thoughts on “Nerf’s Big, Red Announcement is the Mega Centurion, New Information revealed”

  1. I thought that unless you imported, most of the places where the blasters are undertuned were more like 50 ft ranges for the elites, which would make the 75 ft of the megas the next step up, like they are here in the US


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