Rapidstrike CS-18 Rapid Reload Pack spotted on Baidu (Photos)


A recent post on Baidu shows an Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Rapid Reload Pack. This deal comes with an extra 18 dart clear mag, and 18 extra Elite darts. I love this deal, it helps users new and old get more of the new all clear 18 dart mags. Of course this isn’t an official release yet, and the USA doesn’t even have a release date yet for the blaster itself. If the Rapidstrike is $40 USD, then I would pay about ten more dollars for this, I think that’s a fair deal.


And the very least, I hope we see these more often when they get released. I remember when the Raider drum special got released with it’s extra drum. I’ve only seen that deal about 3 or 4 times in stores my whole Nerf career.


6 thoughts on “Rapidstrike CS-18 Rapid Reload Pack spotted on Baidu (Photos)”

  1. It’s actually just come with one clean magazine , and the blaster is gary trigger (As the owner said) But I believe this pack will be true soon!


  2. This looks AWESOME!! It better have good ranges for shooting because this will be my primary in nerf wars when i get one


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