Update on the Philippines Rapidstrike CS-18 situation, Apparently Released too Early


Nerf Club Philippines, the source of the above photo and the news of the Rapidstrike being released in the Philippines, recently took to Facebook to update us on the stock over there.

According to a salesperson at Toy Kingdom SM Megamall, the N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 was not sold out two weeks ago. All units were pulled out of the shelves because someone screwed up royally and jumped the gun on the intended release date (which is currently unknown). So those who actually bought a Rapidstrike two weeks ago are the most fortunate people in Nerf fandom.

It’s Nerf or Nothin’!

I’m a bit surprised that they got their Rapidstrike stock so early. I’m not sure how the stores are working over there, perhaps they get their stock less often? Usually in America, it seems like with Walmart and Target, they get their Nerf stock about 3 weeks before a specific release date. Hopefully we see this blaster sooner then later around the world!


2 thoughts on “Update on the Philippines Rapidstrike CS-18 situation, Apparently Released too Early”

  1. You know, I will say one thing. At least in the Philippines the store owners/managers–however quickly and panic-ally might try to fix a mistake–actually bother to do so. Here if something gets released early against a suppliers wishes there’s no effort at all to try to honor the agreement; it’s just a simple “meh, whatever” mentality. I know that stock sitting doesn’t sell, but still, agreements are agreements. The least you could do is make sure they go through.


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